Osho World Online Magazine :: June 2011
Sannyas Bouquet

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Osho Purnima Mahotsav  was organised at Osho Dhyan Mandir, Chatarpura, Jaipur. The celebration began with evening satsang on July 14 and concluded on July 16. Attended by more than a hundred participants, this celebration camp was facilitated by Swami Atmo Ninad.

A 3-day meditation camp was organized from July 15 to 17 to celebrate Guru Purnima at Osho Meditation Energy Field, Raniganj, West Bengal. In addition to various meditation techniques, musical program was also organized during the camp. This camp was led by Swami Akshay Vivek.

Osho Guru Purnima Mahotsav was celebrated on 15 July at Hotel Ilark, Bhuj – Kachchh in Gujarat.
Osho Sannyasis & lovers from Mumbai, Baroda, Surat, Godhara & entire kachchh region participated in this one day meditation and celebration camp.


A 3-day Osho Guru Purnima Meditation Camp was conducted at Osho Premgeet Meditation Centre, Barauni, Bihar. More than 80 friends joined in this camp facilitated by Swami Harishchandra Bharti

Guru Purnima was celebrated with a one-day meditation event on July 15, at Osho Zorba the Buddha Club, Udaipur. Swami Jeevan Devmani led the meditations and sannyas initiation celebrations.

In Amarkantak, a three day Osho Meditation Camp was conducted at Arandi Gufa ashram from May 27 to 29. This camp was facilitated by Swami Anand Abhay.

A 3-day Osho meditation camp was organized at Agra, from June 3 to 5, conducted by Swami Anand Dhruv. This camp was attended by children among others.

“Osho ka Naya Manushya” (The New Man of Osho), a one day seminar was organized at IMA Conference hall, in Alwar, Rajasthan. Among other speakers, Swami Chaitanya Keerti addressed the gathering about the vision of Osho on the New Man.

Swadarshan Yoga Sadhana, a 9-day group was conducted at Osho Amritdha, Jabalpur from June 11 to 19. This group was followed by No-Mind Group from June 20 to 26.

Osho Born Again group was conducted at Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune, Dehradun from June 19 to 25. Friends from various parts of India and abroad participated in this group.

A 4-day Osho Hasya Dhyan Sadhana Shivir (Osho Laughter Meditation Camp) was conducted at Hotel Falcon Crest, in Shimla from June 23 to 26. About 60 particicipants attended this camp facilitated by Ma Dhayn Abha and Swami Antar Jagdish.