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Chakras are energy vortexes in the subtle body, which channel refined cosmic energy through the physical body. The chakra system also has a physical aspect, linked to bundles of nerves, called plexi, located at specific junctures all along the spine. These bundles of nerves send information into the central nervous system, organs and glands.

For thousands of years in the East, particularly in India, the chakra system has been used as a map to help spiritual seekers find their eventual reunion with source, or what is what is commonly referred to as ‘Enlightenment.’

Imagine a multifaceted diamond, which represents our original pristine oneness. As the light of creation shines through this diamond of consciousness, the light fractures into all the colours of the rainbow. Each colour carries a certain frequency, representing a particular life lesson. Each of the main seven chakras holds one of these colours and lessons. When we have lived through the lesson represented by that particular chakra, we automatically become more radiant and wise. When all colours of the rainbow merge, the result is white light, representing pristine diamond consciousness.

 The chakra system also holds a vital key for the ecstatic union of male and female. An easy way to understand this is to realize the obvious fact, that in the first chakra,(sex centre), the man is emissive and the woman is receptive, creating magnetic attraction. But the union of male and female in the first chakra is only the beginning. Just as you experience orgasm with your beloved in the first chakra, it is also possible to experience union and orgasm in each of the 7 chakras. The positive polarity for the male and female are reversed as we rise up through the chakra system, from sex centre to crown. As you explore this map and all it represents, you will be able to discover the key, which unlocks the phenomenon of the soul mate. The experience of the soul mate is achieved through orgasmic union of all seven chakras between a man and a woman.

The Chakras listed below are emissive in the male body and receptive in the female body.

Sex centre, (1st chakra)

Solar plexus, (3rd chakra)

Throat, (5th chakra)

The following chakras are emissive in the female body and receptive in the male body.

  • Lower belly, (2nd chakra)
  • Heart, (4th chakra)
  • Forehead, level of eyebrows, (6th chakra.)

The crown of the head (7th Chakra) is beyond duality.

The true empowerment and liberation of women and men will become possible when both are able to open up the flow of life force energy in their emissive chakras, thereby embodying the wisdom inherent in those particular areas. When the emissive chakras are opened up, the receptive chakras are easily able to receive the gifts offered by the opposite sex. In this exchange, we discover that we are made to fit together like lock and key. Contradictions become complimentary opposites, and we know at last that harmony is our natural state.

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