Osho World Online Magazine :: December 2011
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Tantra is a life approach, which honours everything that the human being is, as divine. There is a saying in Tantra; “no mud, no lotus.” The mud symbolizes sexuality, our animalistic and instinctual nature. This is our basic life force energy. Instead of condemning and repressing this energy, the practitioner of Tantra will enter into an intelligent experimentation with his or her sexuality and learn how to refine it. In this way, the stem of the lotus begins growing out of the mud, rising up through the chakra system. This is also known as the ascent of Kundalini energy.As the stem of the lotus plant reaches to the crown chakra, it opens into a magnificent flower, known as a thousand petaledlotus. This ‘lotus of consciousness’ gathers nutrition from having it’s roots deep in the mud of sexual energy.

If the rich humus of wise sexual exploration is not there in the seeker of truth, no lotus of consciousness can be produced. When we see the lotus sitting so delicately on the surface of the lake, we are not aware of the mud. The enlightened being appears to have transcended the strong pull and attachment to the earthy instinctual aspects of being human. And yet, it is good to remember that human beings have only one energy. This energy can be expressed through the downward and outward release of sexual fluids, or it can ascend to be expressed as love, or as superconsciousness. Condemning sex will not help the process of transcendence. Be rooted in sex, with so much sensitivity that it is natural for this energy to begin it’s ascent into love. And love so totally that it is natural and easy for this loving energy to flower into superconsciousness.

A whole human being, is one who is awakened in all dimensions of life simultaneously. How he or she chooses to express this multidimensional aliveness is according to free will. Such a being is ecstatic in their sexuality, expanded in love, liberated in their creative expression, and so deeply immersed in source that they are one with all that is.

Conditioning given by dogmatic belief systems and lack of an integrated education is all that prevents us from accessing our birthright for a joy filled life. It is surprisingly easy to let go of conditioning, because it is un-natural and therefore has never been completely digested and absorbed. The root meaning of education is to ‘draw out.’ For a holistic education, the optimum milue is created, to ‘draw out’ what is already present in our inner potential.  And each human being carries an inherent potential to know bliss, love, ecstasy, and expanded states of consciousness.

In Tantra, methods of meditation, emotional fluidity, sensorial awakening, massage, dance and ritual, are all used as devises to support us in discovering our true potential. I look forward to the day when Tantra will be widely available for the benefit of all beings.

- Ma Ananda Sarita

Osho World Online Magazine :: December 2011
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