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Dynamic Meditation 

What is it?

Dynamic meditation is a contradiction. The dynamic means effort, much effort, absolute effort. And meditation means silence, no effort, no activity. You can call it a dialectical meditation. Be so active that the whole energy becomes a movement, no energy is left static in you. The whole energy has been called forth, nothing is left behind. All the frozen parts of energy are melting, flowing. You are not a frozen thing now; you have become dynamic. You are not like substance now; you are more like energy. You are not material; you have become electrical. Bring total energy to work, to be active, moving.

When everything is moving and you have become a cyclone, then become alert. Remember, be mindful -- and in this cyclone suddenly you will find a center which is absolutely silent. This is the center of the cyclone. This is you -- you in your divinity, you as a god.
All around you is activity. Your body has become an active cyclone -- everything moving fast, faster. All the frozen parts have melted, you are flowing. You have become a volcano, fire, electricity. But just in the center, amidst all this movement, there is a non-moving point, the still point.

This still point is not to be created. It is there! You are not to do anything about it. It has always been there. It is your very being, the very ground of your being. This is what Hindus have been calling the ATMA, the soul. It is there, but unless your body, unless your material existence, becomes totally active, you will not be aware of it. With total activity the totally inactive becomes apparent. The activity gives you a contrast. It becomes the blackboard, and on the blackboard is the white dot.

My Way: The Way of the White Clouds


The New Morning Meditation -- Dynamic Meditation

Three steps are to be followed. They should be followed as vigorously as possible. One has to put everything at stake, totally -- nothing less will do. The first step is fast breathing. Breathe as fast as possible, because we are using breathing as a hammer. It is to be a hammering inside for the coiled energy to be uncoiled. So use it as a hammer for the inner serpent, to awaken it. So do not withhold; give in completely. For ten minutes I will go on encouraging you to make any effort possible. Whatsoever you can do, do it at your peak, your climax. 

In the second step you have to be in a catharsis. Dance, jump, cry, laugh -- whatsoever happens to you, but do something. Movement is necessary -- whatsoever is inside must be thrown outside. This catharsis leads to a purity, to a very deep cleansing.

In the third step you have to use "hoo!" So go on crying, "hoo! hoo! hoo!" -- this too is to be used as a hammer. This mantra, "hoo," goes deep down to the MULADHAR, to the sex center, and hammers the energy to rise upwards.

After thirty minutes, the fourth step -- we will be lying, just as if dead, and waiting for the divine to descend. Make a space around you so you can be just totally mad. Make space around you. Don't be in a group, don't be in a crowd -- just spread out. Now close your eyes with the blindfold.
Make space. Look around and see, because you will be jumping and dancing and going completely mad.

Now we should begin. Close your eyes.

That Art Thou

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