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Today, a majority of websites devoted to the beloved master on the internet are a result of individual effort and a single person's dedication. Sannyasnews is no exception! This neatly built site built by --- is a glittering example of his industry. This site comes across as an extremely functional and useful site. Sannyasnews does not attempt to delve into a lot of areas but restricts itself to what it does best - and that is dissemination of news. Features on this site comprise of interesting editorials, opinions and stories while under the articles a reader can expect to find articles from other websites and publications without browsing through all of them. Sannyas Teachers is a rundown on some of the most prominent and not so prominent Sannyas teachers around the globe, their experiences and brief life history. A page to other Sannyas sites come by the name 'Links' while all readers can post their messages on the 'Notice Board.' 'Letters' is an interesting part of this site. More so in these contentious times, letters from Sannyasins and other friends highlight and bring to light issues that otherwise fail to see the light of the day. One feature that is unique to Sannyasnews is 'Chat Board' where one can yap-yap with other Sannyasins and friends. 'Back Pages' is a useful feature as the archives pages of this site are preserved here and can be accessed for information. The site is maintained by a group of Sannyasins based in Europe and a write-up on them is the last page of the site 'About Us.' The best part of this site is a declaration on most pages that says: 'Anyone may freely use material from this site without expressed permission from anyone.' Talk about freedom, after all that is what Sannyas is all about.

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