Issue 3

Issue 3, January 2002


Issue 3

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Olga Kowalski comes bouncing enthusiastically downstairs in her new Kung Fu outfit. Kowalski takes one look at her, and puts his hand over his face. "Good God, Olga!" groans Kowalski. "Now what are you doing?" "I'm taking Kung Fu lessons," says Olga, proudly -- and she playfully slices the air with her hand, giving Kowalski a punch on the neck. "It is just in case," explains Olga, "some sex-fiend tries to rape me on some dark night." "Why bother?" remarks Kowalski, slurping his beer. "It will never get that dark!"

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On the occasion of 70th Birthday of Our Beloved Master Dept. of Posts. Govt. of India launched a Special Day Cover at a special function in the capital. 'Prem Ki Madhushala' - a concert by Shubha Mudgal was also held.



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Osho's letters to his beloved disciples...

You have asked me about sense of humour.
We can talk about it in detail when we meet
but first of all:
the sense of humour should be directed towards
oneself --
it is a very great thing to laugh at oneself and he
who can laugh at himself
gradually becomes full of concern and compassion
for others.
In the entire world
no event, no subject, invites laughter
like oneself.

About the truth of dreams as well
we shall have to talk in detail.
Some dreams are definitely true.
As the mind quietens down
glimpses of truth begin to appear in dreams.

Dreams are of four kinds
-- those concerned with past lives,
-- those concerned with the future,
-- those concerned with the present,
-- and those concerned with repressed desires.
Contemporary psychology knows something about the
fourth type only.

I am glad to know that your mind moves towards
being at peace.
Mind is what we want it to be,
peace and restlessness are both our own creations.
Man binds himself with his own chains
and so he is always at liberty to become free of
the mind.

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