Issue 3

Issue 3, January 2002


Issue 3

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Olga Kowalski comes bouncing enthusiastically downstairs in her new Kung Fu outfit. Kowalski takes one look at her, and puts his hand over his face. "Good God, Olga!" groans Kowalski. "Now what are you doing?" "I'm taking Kung Fu lessons," says Olga, proudly -- and she playfully slices the air with her hand, giving Kowalski a punch on the neck. "It is just in case," explains Olga, "some sex-fiend tries to rape me on some dark night." "Why bother?" remarks Kowalski, slurping his beer. "It will never get that dark!"

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On the occasion of 70th Birthday of Our Beloved Master Dept. of Posts. Govt. of India launched a Special Day Cover at a special function in the capital. 'Prem Ki Madhushala' - a concert by Shubha Mudgal was also held.



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  : : MAIN STORY : :  War or Peace

Man has to kill Osho

Armed to the teeth, two nuclear neighbours - India and Pakistan - are eyeball to eyeball at the beginning of 2002. Who will blink first? Is this the countdown to another war; more horrendously, a nuclear showdown? Or will it deescalate only to flare up again? Osho answers this recurring question.

Transforming war into peace silently
In a world riddled with violence, peace is preciously rare but worth fighting for. Both sides fighting a war claim that they are fighting for peace - a lasting peace. Meanwhile, the non-combatants fighting for peace also become violent!

  : Happenings :

Happy, Here. Now! - Laughter Week Celebrated at Osho World

QIGONG : Stimulating the Inner Energy - Swami Viram energizes mediators in Delhi

Sharing Concern - Red Cross Society felicitates Osho World Foundation

  : In Focus :

As for Tagore, Osho's  Works Must be Copyright Free

The waiving of restrictive copyright on the works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore will set them free for the entire world to appreciate the heritage of this mystic poet . Read More...

  : My Favourite Story :

Time to Wake Up

Every Osholover has his/her favourite story from the treasure house of Osho's discourses. here we present MY FAVOURITE STORY selected by Swami Asim Anand from Osho's .

  : From Osho with Love :

Sense of Humor-  
Osho's letters to his beloved disciples. Read More..

  : Book Serialisation :

Osho's Life -  
An Anthology of Osho's Life From His Own Books . Read More..

  : Meeting Osholovers :

I don't know what stress is-

In the Hindi states of India, if you think of laughter, chances are that the face of Surendra Sharma. 
Read More..

  : Knowing Osho Books :

On time ahead of his time 
Time stands still when Osho talks. He is always on time and ahead of his time. 

  : Meditation in the Marketplace :

Nadabramha Meditation

It is a mantra meditation, and mantra is one of the most potential ways.
Read More..

 : Osho World Stopover : 

Osho Pankaj Meditation Centre : A Lotus in London 
On the outskirts of the City of London lies Wembley known for its stadium. 
Read More..

  : Osho on the Web :

It has the juice!

When the editorial team of Osho World Online sat down to decide the Osho website of this month everyone was unanimous in the choice of  

  : Editorial : 

War signifies a lust for power

A disciple asked Osho, ''What is the best government?''Osho or Bhagwan Rajneesh replied, ''No government. 

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