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Issue 3, January 2002


Issue 3

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Olga Kowalski comes bouncing enthusiastically downstairs in her new Kung Fu outfit. Kowalski takes one look at her, and puts his hand over his face. "Good God, Olga!" groans Kowalski. "Now what are you doing?" "I'm taking Kung Fu lessons," says Olga, proudly -- and she playfully slices the air with her hand, giving Kowalski a punch on the neck. "It is just in case," explains Olga, "some sex-fiend tries to rape me on some dark night." "Why bother?" remarks Kowalski, slurping his beer. "It will never get that dark!"

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On the occasion of 70th Birthday of Our Beloved Master Dept. of Posts. Govt. of India launched a Special Day Cover at a special function in the capital. 'Prem Ki Madhushala' - a concert by Shubha Mudgal was also held.



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‘Book Introduction'
On Time and Ahead of his Time 

Time stands still when Osho talks. He is always on time and ahead of his time. He keeps time with the beating of your innermost being and takes you on a journey beyond time. Here an Osho disciple, Swami Prem Anubudha, introduces one of Osho's very beautiful book - The Beloved Vol-1&2 with these words:

Anubudha says, "This moment proves just how much existence loves you the way you are - for it has placed The Beloved in your hands here, now and always!

When Osho's meditative International Commune was in its formative stage, thousands of people from all over the world, including myself, came to meet, listen to and be with Osho for the first time. Active dynamic meditations, love, music, totality, humor and creativity became the fabric of his experiential commune.

In this context I first heard this series of spontaneous commentaries and responses to questions in which Osho brings to life the profound love and awareness of the Baul mystics from Bengal, India. You are about to meet some sane-crazy poets, singers, dancers and lovers! The Bauls really know how to trust themselves and how to be in the moment!

The wisdom contained here, which Osho is sharing with us, is atomic… If you play with these rebellious concepts and go inside with the many meditative secrets, you will find in yourself "the beloved."

These discourses will introduce you to Osho's vision of the body and of human consciousness. I've seen that this vision has already helped transform many thousand of people's attitudes and inner awareness about the body, inner sensitivity, love, music, sexual energy, and spontaneous living. So for me and many other body workers, The Beloved is a vast well of inner joy and discovery.

When Osho gave these discourses, only some twenty Sannyasins were working in the field of bodywork. Now there are over ten thousand Sannyasins doing bodywork throughout the world, helping people to go inside and celebrate life in this moment. (With this tidal wave of energy, perhaps it is still possible to create a new authentic version of the body and to live in contact with "the essential man" inside.)

The beauty of Osho is that he can be "on time" and "ahead of his time" simultaneously. The Beloved is an example. "On time" in the sense that with Osho we could immediately begin transforming and living our understanding of the Baul mystics. "Ahead of his time" in the sense that the education systems around the world (religious, secular and New Age) are still missing the point, and unknowingly sowing the seeds of comparison, tension and unhappiness.

Today, in 1999, I'm very happy to introduce the second edition of this "beloved" book. It has been one of the most important teaching aids in my life for all Osho Rebalancing Trainings and other Osho Multiversity programs I have been involved with. The understandings, love humor, and very subtle simplicities Osho shares through the songs of the Baul Mystics are ground alone for receiving the Nobel peace prize! - because once you have truly met the adhar manush, the essential man inside yourself, only a life of peace and celebration is possible.

The Bauls sing:

"Nothing has happened,
and nothing will happen.
What is there, is there.
Scanning the cosmos
you waste your hours.
He is present
in this little vessel.
in this little body
He has made His abode.
He is here
in this little vessel;
in you - 
He is there,
the God of Gods,
the King of Kings,
the Beloved."

See… for yourself.

Swami Prem Anubudha
Osho International Academy of Healing Arts 

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