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Review of Rashid’s book: A tale of truth and things imagined.

Rashid’s life began when he took sannyas. In Pune 1 he worked growing vegetables for the master-gardener. On the Ranch he spent a lot of time in the pot-room and the fire tower. In Pune 2, till the Master left the body, he was a bodyguard, an editor and all jobs in-between. Now he lives in Devon with Nisheetha, keeps bees, paints and makes prints, designs buildings and landscapes for sacred use, has published two volumes of poetry, grows his own vegetables and hangs out with a tribe of grandchildren. Or sits around doing nothing.


A parallel universe is a place where time necessarily can only benow. As we know, the same concept applies also in our physical universe but the mind insists on separating time into past and future. The now – the present – is largely ignored.

The concept of parallel universes isn’t exactly new, already in ancient Hindu mythology – in the Puranas – we find an infinite number of universes, each with their own gods.

In his book, Rashid explores the actuality of experience in a parallel universe and writes compellingly about his own spiritual journey by moving back and forth. The narrative of his unconventional life that begins in wartime Britain and leads him to Osho and onwards takes place in the physical universe, whereas there is an unfolding of a spiritual journey in a parallel universe which necessarily links up from time to time with the physical. Rashid points out, “Novels tell the story of a character developing. This tale is of an undeveloping, a personality that vanishes.”

It is an intriguing and unusual book; Rashid candidly talks about the valleys and mountains of his fearless multi-coloured and gifted journey though this incarnation, about the learning, the insights and the perils on the road. I have known Rashid for many years yet I read about many events in his life hitherto unknown to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this inspiring book that encourages the reader to keep on exploring her/his own inner depths of being.

Bhagawati,  previously published in Osho News

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Osho World Online Magazine :: December 2011
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