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Z is for Zpiritual By Ma Prem Geet

“Love Storm” by Ma Prem Geet C 2011

This month let us honor the double-arrow letter Z, first letter in the word Zero, Zoo, Zen, Zorba, and Zpiritual, a new word todescribe a Zomewhatlop-Zidedway of living with a mystical disorder in which the Zpiritual Zeeker misses the entire point of one’s own journey with regard to money, matter, and material well-being.

Like a moth to flame, a meditator madly in love with the divine is basically possessed.

Meditator or moth, one captivated by brilliant light is not thinking about food, lodging, or a stock portfolio.  Think of the many nice but poor “Zpiritual” people you know. We are mesmerized by beauty, love, and freedom.  Despite our intelligence, creativity, and skills, our financial trajectory has not been a rags-to-riches fairytale, but a confounding rags-to-rags mystery.  So many “Cultural Creatives” are still living much like the original Buddha Sangha--with a begging bowl!  Despite years of robust creative efforts, attempts at work, jousts in business, winning ideas, clever inventions, accompanied by wealth affirmations, EFT tapping, deservingness rants, hypnosis, mirror work, breath work catharsis, and PRAYER (h e l l o ?), we are financially flat lining.  Flat lining in EKG terminology means the heart shows Zero electrical activity and is DEAD.  Why are so many truly ALIVE, creative, spiritual people financially flat lining?  In the mad love storm of life, are we Zinning against the material realm? What’s going on? The Master says,

"It is very easy to live in the head.  Millions of people are living there; that is the only kind of space they know.  It is very difficult to live in the heart because the heart does not pay.  But though it is difficult, it is possible.  A few people live in the heart - the poets, the lovers, the painters, the artists.  But the real and the greatest thing is to bridge both and to live in such a way that neither the head interferes with the heart nor the heart interferes with the head.” Osho

May be we did fall from a star with no instruction manual.  May be it’s a refusal to fully incarnate.  May be true gravity is in the sky. May be poverty is nothing more than repressed wealth.  May be we are bored by balance.  May be we are rebelling against maturity as it looks so freedom less.  May be normal feels impossibly heavy to the spirit. May be we are waiting for permission to have wealth. May be our habits just don’t add up. May be we are too generous. May be we fell inward too far and we can’t get back OUT.  May be we are okay.  Or, may be we really were in the Buddha Sangha and are now re-living that past life to release it. Nothing else seems to truly make sense.  Gautama Buddha did tell his father, upon returning to the palace—after seven years of renunciation—that there was nothing more effective for dissolving the ego than BEGGING.   But Osho says:

“My whole effort here is to destroy that whole nonsense and to help you to love life. Sannyas is not renunciation of life but a tremendous love affair with life. The deeper you live, the closer you come to God. The more passionately you live, the more divine you are. The intensity of your life, your liveliness is the only way to reach God.”

I look at my lovely creative friends, a zoo of gypsies, healers, and artists… We are all smart enough, kind enough, talented enough to earn a very good living.  So what’s going on really?  Do we secretly embrace only the dimension of Spirit and wholeheartedly reject Matter?  Is this a subconscious “purist” game or hidden self-hatred?  Does poverty dissolve or harden our ego’s story?  Seems like large chunks of cash would surely HELP our awakening process!  According to Osho:

“A real spirituality must be rooted in earthliness. Any spirituality that denies the earth, rejects the earth, becomes abstract, becomes airy-fairy. It has no more blood in it; it is no more alive. Yes, Jews are very earth-bound. And what is wrong in having money? One should not be possessive; one should be able to use it. And Jews know how to use it! One should not be miserly. Money has to be created and money has to be used. Money is a beautiful invention, a great blessing, if rightly used. It makes many things possible. Money is a magical phenomenon.”

Whatever it takes, I intend to heal myself and ZORBATIZE my life.  I’m tired of exploring the outermost edge of human experience.  We’d all be so much happier meditating in luxury, knowing that the bank balance is replete with yummy cash, i.e., freedom tickets.  Several years ago, a startling dream commandment delivered two simple words:  “Renounce renunciation.”  From that time on, my only focus has been to clear out renunciation and deprivation for good. 

Drawing from past lives, we can remember or imagine how to “go Zen” and be okay with nothing, to embrace nothingness, and to deny self.  Difficult to discern, the ancient Buddhist parts in the unconscious can embrace ascetic deprivation with an element of glee.  Growing up in poverty is also a shameful weight on the soul, creating locked-down layers of unconscious abnegation. In every country, humans have been conditioned throughout centuries of religious consolation about poverty.  Osho crystallizes the issue:

“My arithmetic is very clear: poverty is ugly and it has to be destroyed totally. No trace of it should be left on the earth, and all these consolations should be withdrawn. I can understand why in the past the religious people could not say what I can say today. The simple reason was that scientific technology was not available – there was no way to destroy poverty. And when you cannot do anything, at least you can sympathize; it costs nothing to be sympathetic. At least you can console; it is better than nothing. And all these words of Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi and others are devices to console, to give opium to people.”

Zpiritual people are often developmentally challenged.  We’ve mastered closed-loop internal justifications that are so crazy we would never utter them out loud to another person.  We live in chronic “spiritual by-pass,” i.e., tranZcending (avoiding) real feelings and all things normal.  Zpiritual people easily NORMALIZE the ABNORMAL: Sleep on a bed of nails?  No problem!  Water and carrots for a month?  Bring it on!  Live in a shoe box?  Plenty of room in here! Energized by deprivation, Zpiritual people can turn un-having into a Zen-tastic magical game, while all of our real issues stay underground.

We need love.  We need support.  We need nourishment.  We need fullness. So all of this  tiny living on the Zpiritual path is very sad to admit.  But I want to help myself and others overcome an insidious “addiction to deprivation.”   It’s time to release attachment to the familiar no-thing at an unconscious level.  Using Osho’s active meditations, let us release a very deadly minimalist program from this life and past lives as beggar, banker, match girl, miser, poet, painter, seeker, sadhu.  Cut cords with beliefs and affiliations that reward you for self-denial.


Osho says,

“Nothing has to be renounced. Everything has to be lived with deep awareness, with totality, with understanding, because escape is not a way of growth; hence all the so-called saints who have escaped from life remain psychologically immature. Maturity is in life, in all its bitterness and sweetness, in all its misery and joy, in its nights and days. One has to learn through these polarities to move alert, conscious, so that one can remain balanced between the two, exactly in the middle.”

So let us grow lush, vibrant roots down and into the earth.  Let us love and embrace matter and moments of beauty in the material realm, like this morning when a dear friend peeled a bowl of fresh homegrown figs for me one at a time.  My only role was to savor and coo in delight.  Let us live in moments of luxury!  Let us enjoy the finest chocolates and Oprah Winfrey’s recommended 800 count Egyptian cotton sheets.  Let us have art and furniture, the expensive kind.  Let us embrace AND ENJOY oodles and oodles of cash and plenty of delicious bonds, land, and annuities.  Let us deal with people.  Let us give generously and not be afraid of next month.  Let us be rich! 

Creatives really need to be rich because we have a powerful message of evolution for the world.  And to be poor and twinked up Zpiritually is not a beautiful way to live.  Perfectly good people start hating you very quickly, which is totally understandable.  Friends and family will most certainly shun you if your indigence triggers their greatest fears.  After all, one must toe the line when it comes to tribal resources because money really really really does matter to everyone, asleep or awake!  Osho says:

“…a ten-rupee note can do many things, millions of things; it has infinite possibilities. It is one of the greatest inventions of man; there is no need to be against it. I am not against it.”

Last year a dear friend visited and joked about my worn-out book called “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder.  He thumbed through my tattered tome, evidence of my inner argument. I had faithfully re-read it for ten unfruitful years from every angle--deservingness, self-worth, visualization, treasure mapping, worthiness, guilt-busting, grief-letting, fear-scouring, past lives, greed, ancestors, family, selfishness, et al, to the point of craziness.  To “think and grow rich” many of us have done affirmations, breath work, and family therapy, not to mention EFT tapping, shamanic journeys, self-help audios and videos, you name it.  Knowing my sincere effort to balance or bust, my friend simply suggested that I might honor the dimension of EMPTINESS and just throw the book away.  Brilliant advice!  What a relief to toss this beggar’s bible that induced only mental thrashing!  The book made a gunshot BANG! when it dropped on the garbage bin’s metal floor.  At the same time, I joyously ditcheduber-hyped DVDs: “The Secret” and “The Secret of the Secret,” and of course, all success promises by the great Zig Ziglar.

Today, I ask only for Bhagwan’s grace.  God knows I’m tired of dancing on a pin head, running between rain drops. I have done my part to heal myself and I welcome the release of any and all past lives in which I wrongly thought poverty was of value as penance.  My outcomes are in the hands of the divine.

Osho says:

Poverty is not something to be praised; it is something to be condemned, totally condemned. It is like cancer: it has to be destroyed; no respect should be given to it, because that is nourishment. It should not be praised in any direct or indirect way, because that is how it has been prolonged in the past.”

My personal inspiration King Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, wrote that “money answereth everything.”  His kingdom was so wealthy that he counted only gold, and not the silver bars that paved the streets of Jerusalem.  A stunning image from the Jewish Golden Age!

I’ve been a Zpiritual Zeeker long enough to know that I am entirely response-able for my response to life. I feel certain that the soul loves a contrast, and like a trusted pendulum, it will swing back towards a contrasting financial experience, on its own volition, in time.  For now, I witness from my soul as head and heart do their thing.  Osho says, “Let the synthesis happen.”

I’m willing to be Zorba the Buddha, with roots in the earth, hands touching the stars.

Ma Prem Geet is madly in love with Osho meditations and truly appreciates readers who write to her every month to share ideas and love.  Please contact her at: mysticrosetherapy@gmail.com

Osho World Online Magazine :: July 2012
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