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Many people have discovered the sublime peace, which arises through regular meditation practice. And yet, meditators are often confused as to why their intimate relationships are still subject to turmoil and confusion. It seems logical that if the individual discovers deep meditation, life as a whole should be transformed.

In the past, it was thought vital to renounce the world and relationships in order to find enlightenment. In India, it was believed that there are various phases to life, and that to be fulfilled these should be adhered to. These include education, work, marriage and the raising of a family, and then finally, at the age of 75, leaving the family, renouncing the world, and moving into hills and caves to discover deep states of meditation and transcendence.

Gautama Buddha is renowned for having escaped from his wife and young son in order to go in search of enlightenment. After becoming enlightened, he came back to see his family. His wife was extremely upset, and asked him a very pertinent question. “Could you have attained this state while with me? Was it imperative that you escape like a thief in the night, without a word, and disappear from everyone who loves you in order to become enlightened?” Buddha’s answer was interesting. He told his wife that he could now see that he could have found enlightened consciousness anywhere. And yet, in his ignorance, he believed that he would not be able to move on his path while engaged in a deep relationship as husband and father.

Tantra is unique in that it honors love and relating as the fastest path for spiritual awakening. It is said that moving on the path of Tantra as a couple is similar to walking on a razors edge One must remain alert because of the danger of falling into unconscious behavior patterns. Couples risk getting entangled into a quagmire of emotional upheaval, which is inherent in sexual love and relating. The question is, how do we navigate the delicate terrain of relationship and still remain true to our spiritual development?

I have spent the past 38 years researching this subject in depth. And I have discovered a master key. If you wish to know expanded spiritual states as a couple, becoming aligned body heart and soul, you will need to meditate together as a couple. When a couple melt their energies together, there is a third phenomenon, which has a life and mind of it’s own. It is this merger, which needs to be nourished by the bliss and expansion meditation can bring.

When a couple meditates together during sexual union, the miracle of oneness is experienced. You may feel you are one soul in two bodies. And as you continue, you lose track of who is the male or the female. The Tantric Circle of energy whirls through both, gathering momentum, till you find yourselves to be simply one.  Oneness is profoundly fulfilling, bringing deep resonance and harmony even to ordinary daily reality.

(First published by Vivid Life Radio)

- Ma Ananda Sarita

Osho World Online Magazine :: March 2012
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