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Tantra By Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

1. How scientific is tantra?

Tantra is a science, an art and a lifestyle. I will give you an example of what I mean. It may happen sometime, that a person has an amazing transcendental experience which arrives quite spontaneously, looking at a sunset, or swimming in the sea, or making love with their beloved. Then, they may long to have such an experience again, but have no idea how to help it to happen. Tantra uses the knowledge of how human energy functions and creates methods to help us activate a right milue where such moments of grace can manifest with regularity. In this sense it is a science. The practitioner of this science learns how to create the milue, and how to flow with the energy as it is manifesting. In this sense, the practitioner becomes an artist in surfing the waves of bliss arising from within. Just as a musician becomes skilled in playing his or her instrument, the Tantrica learns how to play the instrument of their own or another's body. And it is a lifestyle, because once you know you can create the right milue for such transcendent and blissful states of consciousness, you would like to live like that on an ongoing basis.

2. What are Chakra-blocks?

Imagine the chakra system as a conduit between the crown of the head and the sex center, an open pipe, or a river. Cosmic energy would like to descend through this conduit, just like water moves in a river. As it descends, it may be that there are some twigs or branches blocking it, and in these areas, the water cannot flow, but becomes stagnant. The reason why it becomes stuck, is because there is unresolved life issues which create the stagnation. Through dynamic meditation, or breath sessions, or dancing, we can dislodge the blockages, and the water of life will again find it's way to flow. In Yoga and in Tantra, there are methods which invite the powerful energy of kundalini, our life force energy, to move upwards, thus unblocking any stagnation which may be present in the chakras. Once the channel is cleared, then the energy of existence descends through our open channel, as grace.

3. Why are the women called Goddesses?

Each woman is a goddess because she is in tune with the creation principle. She is a co-creator of new life. If she is unconscious about her immense creative power, and knows only the biological aspect, she may be considered simply as a mother. If she is a meditator, and a Tantrica, she will understand the full manifesting power of the feminine Shakti energy, and this will ignite her divine goddess nature. Previously, the energy of the Goddess was very prevalent in our world, and it is only over the last 2000 years that she was squashed by a more masculine dominated world view in certain areas of the planet. Now, the goddess is coming back, and this time, she needs to learn how to live side by side with the divine masculine, which is what happens in Tantra. Male and female energies blend harmoniously to create a balanced society. Imagine a world where each man is a god and each woman is a goddess!

4. What is Shakti?

Shakti is the manifesting creative power arising from chaos. Shiva is pure consciousness. Between these two, our whole creation emerges. Shakti is movement and flow. She is unpredictable, changing and wild, like a river or an ocean. This is the power of yin. Yang, is more like rock, giving stability, strength, security. The dance of the male and female, of shiva and shakti, is a mirror of the creation dance. Each moment, we can learn how to allow these energies within us to find their harmonious union, and we can also learn union of the outer Shiva and Shakti though the merging of male and female in a conscious and loving way.

I love to share with both men and women how to discover and celebrate the elements of Shiva and Shakti. It is the most beautiful dance there is.

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
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Osho World Online Magazine :: November 2011
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