A Cup of Tea

The first time I gave a cup of tea to Osho I was too nervous that I made the tea too fast, poured it too soon and presented it stone-cold. He accepted it graciously, drank it as though it was the most delicious tea he had ever had, and made a remark so subtle about its temperature, that it wasn’t until I was outside His room, spinning down the corridor to the kitchen in a haze of bliss and fresh minty fragrance, that I realized the tea had been cold, but He drank it! He could have said, "Ugh! Bring me a fresh cup," but he accepted my cup of tea with such grace and love, and yet got the message across to me not to do it that way again, without even hurting my feelings.

This ‘Cup of Tea’ is filled with awareness and love – the love and compassion of the enlightened master for anyone who is thirsty for a spiritual life. Osho encourages us to move more into meditation, as He shares the insights and experiences that He has had on the path.

In this book are 365 letters that Osho wrote to disciples, friends and lovers while He was traveling in India fro 1951 through to the 1971’s.

Even while He was working as a professor at a university He would travel to different towns giving as many as five lectures a day, sometimes to crowds as large as 50,000 and sometimes just to small groups. At times the people would be antagonistic and sometimes they would worship Him, and that could mean not leaving Him alone for even two minutes – massaging his feet, asking questions, wanting to be with Him. During these years Osho was also starting meditation centers and leading meditation camps.

And yet He found time to write hundreds if letters to disciples and friends He met along the way, urging them to continue on the path: "I was once there too… I have evolved through those same paths… Many times one becomes disheartened on the path…."

He answers questions like, "What is mind? How to become free of thoughts?"

What has happened to Him – could it happen to us? Osho insists that it can. Nowhere and never do you find Him setting Himself up as essentially something special, extraordinary, a messiah. Instead He coaxes, persuades, provokes, spurs, encourages leads and inspires – even charms and seduces us into finding the divine within ourselves.

Without any intellectual jargon, without any philosophical explanation or any psychological breakdown of the meaning of love, the understanding of that rare relationship between the master and the disciple is there on every page, shining through the way invisible ink reveals its secrets before the heat of a flame.

Each letter is to be savored, sipped and with closed eyes, pondered upon – for each letter contains a great teaching, a key to inner mysteries.

As I read, the words, "I am in complete bliss" keep leaping off the pages at me. And Osho must have been, for how else could He possibly have so much love for everyone, how else could He have the energy to travel all over India – every village from North to South, East to West, "Looking for my people," He says.

I have a perpetual smile on my face while reading this book and I am in wonder at the astounding capacity Osho has for putting bliss into words. He is in love. He is in love with everyone and everything. And it is contagious.

Names of all respondents, save a few have been omitted, as have named references in the letter themselves, on the grounds that Osho is addressing us all, all of the time. Each letter is to you and to me, not to him and her – as you will discover.

Also, certain Sanskrit/Hindi words have been retained, such as: sadhana, rishi, samadhi, moksha, nirvana, samsara, leela, sannyas. These words cannot be properly translated, and in any case are finding their way into the English language as Westerners in large numbers tune into the eternal truths found so vividly and in such abundance in writings of the East.

"When there is love, space and time vanish…" Osho says in one of those letters. And yes, this is what I feel when reading this book – that I enter a timeless dimension.

Ma Prem Shunyo


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