Laughing Meditation

When you laugh, laugh through your whole body -- that's the point to be understood. You can laugh only with the lips, you can laugh with the throat; that is not going to be very deep.

So sit on the floor in the middle of the room and feel as if laughter is coming from the very soles of your feet. First close your eyes and then feel that ripples of laughter are coming from your feet. Mm? they are very subtle. Then they come to the belly and become more visible; the belly starts shaking and trembling. Then bring it to the heart; then the heart feels so full. Then bring it to the throat and then to the lips. You can laugh with the lips and the throat, you can make noise which looks like laughter but it will not be and it will not be of much help. It will again be a mechanical act.

When you start laughing remember that you are a small child. Visualise yourself as a small child. When small children laugh, they start rolling on the floor. If you feel like it, start rolling. The whole thing is to get totally involved in it. The noise is not so meaningful as the involvement. And once it starts, you will know.

For two to three days you may not be able to feel whether it is happening or not, but it is going to happen. But bring it from the very roots -- just as a flower comes to a tree: it travels from the very roots. By and by it comes up. You cannot see it anywhere else. Only when it comes and flowers on top can you see it. But it is coming from the roots, from very deep underground. It has travelled along from the depths.

Exactly the same way laughter should start from the feet and then move upwards. Allow the whole body to be shaken by it. Feel the trembling vibration and cooperate with that vibration. Don't remain stiff -- relax. Cooperate with it. Even if in the beginning you exaggerate it a little, it will be helpful. If you feel that the hand is shaking, help it to shake more so the energy starts rippling, streaming. Then start rolling and laughing.

This is in the night before you go to sleep. Just ten minutes will do and then fall asleep. Again in the morning, the first thing -- you can do it in your bed. So the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. The night laughter will set a trend in your sleep. Your dreams will become more joyous, more uproarious, and they will help your morning laughter; they will create the background. The morning laughter will set the trend for the whole day. Whatsoever you do in the morning, first thing -- whatsoever it is -- sets the trend for the whole day.

If you become angry the first thing, that becomes a chain. One anger leads to another anger, then another anger leads to another. You feel very vulnerable. Any small thing gives you a feeling of being hurt; it feels insulting. One thing leads to another. Laughter is really the best thing to start with, but let it be a whole thing.

In the whole day, whenever there is an opportunity, don't miss -- laugh. This you have to do for ten days.


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