The Proof of God

There are things which cannot be proved,
and there is no evidence for them
because they are self-evident.
To try to prove them is ridiculous,
and the effort shows that one
is not acquainted with them.
Such are all the proofs of God.

Sitting one day in the teahouse
Mulla Nasruddin heard the rhetoric of
a traveling scholar –
he was arguing to prove the existence of God.
Questioned by one of the company on some point
the scholar drew a book from his pocket
and slammed it on the table:
This is my evidence. And I wrote it myself!
A man who could not only read but write was a rarity,
and a man who had written a book…!
The villagers treated the pundit with profound respect –
and of course Mulla Nasruddin was impressed.

Some days later Mulla Nasruddin appeared at the teahouse
and asked whether anyone wanted to buy a house.
Tell us something about it,
Mulla, the people asked him,
for we did not even know that you had a
house of your own.
Actions speak louder than words! Shouted Mulla,
and from his pocket he took a brick
and hurled it on the table in front of them.
This is my evidence! Examine the quality –
and I built the house myself!


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