Osho World meditates for the victims of terrorist attacks in...

For the tragic victims of the terrorist attacks in the United States, Osho World organized a special meditation session in New Delhi on Friday 14 September 2001 coinciding with the prayers in different parts of the globe. One of Osho’s meditations was conducted to feel oneness with the victims and their families and friends, and for all of us who are conscious observers of these tragic actions.

Neo-Sannyas Day celebrated

Osho disciples around the world celebrated Neo-Sannyas Day (Nav-Sannyas Divas in India) on 26th September this year and every year. This is the day when Osho introduced his vision of sannyas and initiated his first group of disciples as his sannyasins in a meditation camp in Manali. Thus began his Neo-Sannyas Movement which continues to attract thousands of seekers of truth every year.

Antaryatra - a painting exhibition by Bindu Popli

From the first day of October till the fifteenth, an art exhibition of Bindu Popli is on at Osho World Galleria at Ansal Plaza at New Delhi. Bindu Popli has been inspired by Osho’s meditation and thought in the last few years. This brought about an evolutionary progression in her and brims over in her art – her painting.

Religion: Osho -  GURU NANAK
Guru Nanak Week inaugurated to mark Gurpurab

Former Chief Election Commissioner M. S. Gill has said that disrespect to other religions and considering one's own religion as the sole repository of truth was the  root cause of violence all over the world.


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