Looking for resources related to the Beloved Master on the Internet? Sannyas.net is just a click away! The site carries links to many other sites devoted to Osho and can be immensely helpful if you do not have the time or the inclination to surf scores of websites searched through a search engine. There are a lot of sites in different languages and cater to specific geographical regions, most of these links can be found on Sannyas.net. This list, though not comprehensive, serves the purpose. The site also provides a brief biography of Osho and some of His very popular discourses. Latest news in the World of Osho like gatherings, happenings and other events are frequently updated on the site. The USP of the site though, is the facility to search Sannyasins all over the world by name, location or category. For this, the website maintains a large database of Sannyasins all over the globe. One can also list himself in the sites database. Other regular features on the site include the cookie jar, the art gallery, jokes, home away from home, the kids site etc. The site has a few downs too, like the design and layout. Sannyas.net could do with a helping in these departments to give make it more appealing. At a closer look you might not find the name of the site on the homepage. But what are a few glitches when the high points are too many. So the next time you are searching for any information about Osho friends and lovers, you know where to look for!


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