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From the World of Sannyas

Sannyas Roundup By Ma Anand Bhagawati

Ma Prem Leela is a dear friend of mine. I first met her when she appeared one day in the Press Office in Pune 1 with the task to help organize us all and we clicked immediately! It was she who coined my nickname, Bhags. However, nowadays she calls me ‘the hub’ because of all the networking I am involved with!

I recall sitting at the ashram in April 1988 sipping a cup of coffee when Leela approached, looking slightly stunned and saying that Osho told her to set up and facilitate the Mystic Rose Group; and she has not stopped since, traveling the world! However, nowadays she conducts the Mystic Rose and No-Mind Groups only once a year (as well as trainings) – at Osho Nisarga in Dharamsala.

When I visited Osho Nisarga two years ago, we just missed each other. However, she then came for a visit to Bali on her way to Australia, which is where she lives. We both love the serenity and the spectacular view of the Himalayas at Osho Nisarga, as well as the great facilities. And come next March, she will be there again!

Ma Prem Tao sent me a link that made me spellbound watching it:


The footage took me from hovering above our planet to the edge of the universe as we know it. I can never figure out how scientists and astronomers can say “the universe ends right here”. If anything is infinite, this is it!

However, speaking of universe, well-known physicist Stephen Hawking made a rather revolutionary statement a couple of weeks ago, that “God did not create the universe and the Big Bang."

According to The Times, in his new book "The Grand Design”, Hawking says a new series of theories make a creator of the universe redundant.

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist," Hawking writes. "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going."

Questions about God and the universe have occupied humankind since millennia and a lot of nonsense has been made up by priests who themselves had no idea. In answer to a related question Osho says,

“If you say the universe needs a God to create it, then the question is bound to arise, "Who created God?" And then you fall into a regress absurdum. Then God one is created by God two, and God two is created by God three, and God three by God four, and then there can be no end. I don't want to be absurd like that. It is better to stop the first fiction; otherwise you are sowing the seeds for other fictions.
I say existence itself is enough, it needs no creator. It is creativity itself.
So rather than asking me do I believe in a creator, you should ask me what is my substitute for God, the creator. My substitute is the existential energy of creativity.
And to me, to be creative is the most important religious quality.
If you create a song, if you create music, if you create a garden, you are being religious. Going to the church is foolish, but creating a garden is tremendously religious. That's why here in my commune, work is called worship. We don't pray in any other way, we pray only through creating something. To me, creativity is God. But it will be better if you allow me to change the word god into godliness, because I don't want to be misunderstood. There is no person like God, but there is tremendous energy -- exploding, unending, expanding. This expanding, unending, exploding energy, this creativity, is divine.
I know it; I don't believe in it.
I have tasted it; I don't believe in it.
I have touched it, I have breathed it.
I have known it in the deepest core of my being.

And it is as much in you as it is in me. Just a look inwards, just a little one hundred and eighty degree turn, and you become aware of a truth. Then you don't ask for beliefs. Only blind people believe in light. Those who have eyes... they don't believe in light; they simply see it.”
From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Chapter 2, Question 2

Hawking, 68, who won global recognition with his 1988 book "A Brief History of Time” an account of the origins of the universe, is renowned for his work on black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity.

"The Grand Design" is due to go on sale in September.

And right on the dot, brilliant author and controversial public speaker David Icke released the following comments in one of his recent weekly newsletters:

“The cutting edge scientists are those with their right-brain activated enough to see what people call the 'bigger picture', as opposed to seeing, in isolation, the piece that goes in the bottom left.

“But cutting edge people in general go even further with their right and left brains open to all possibility and to the consciousness that lies beyond the perception of brain and body. From this perspective you don't just deal in electrons, neutrons, protons and quarks, but in the majesty and magnificence of reality as a whole.

“Hawking and Mlodinow conclude that there are many universes - or multiverses - hence the headline in the magazine about the 'end of the universe'. The end of the idea of a single universe.

“But to anyone with their right brain open this was always a gimme, anyway, and nothing new or revelatory at all. Of course, there is not only one Universe or one reality. Within infinite consciousness, something the right brain and heart feel and know, let alone believe to exist, the idea of a single universe is hilarious.

“I smile when I see scientists make great announcements about discoveries that were long known by the ancients and those with their minds open to consciousness. The Zulu people in South Africa have words for time and space that are virtually identical because they knew long ago that time and space were fundamentally connected.”

How can anyone understand reality when they look at the world like this?

For more by David Icke (beware, it might blow your mind!) at http://www.davidicke.com

And now to another metaphysical issue. Surely, you all remember the very first Rajneesh Neo-Tarot Deck? I still have that deck and cherish it! Since then Padma has created the Osho Zen Tarot Deck and finally the Tao Oracle, a visual interpretation of the I Ching which was released in 2002; its third edition is due out in October. The TAO Oracle has also gone digital for iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

Padma stated, “Over the seven years of creating the paintings, method and book I experienced some major life changes. In retrospect it comes as no surprise, after all, I was creating "portraits" of change itself.”

The full set consists of 64 paintings and each artwork corresponds to a traditional hexagram from the I Ching and is simply stunning.

For a view of the insightful artwork of the Tao Oracle, go to

For more about Padma and her extraordinary art:

Ma Prem Maneesha has finalized a thought provoking and important proposal for the creation of a hospice for meditators. Read up about it at

For more about Maneesha and her groundbreaking work:

Last but not least, do you know about the new Osho News Online Magazine for reports about our caravanserai and much more!? For the home page or to subscribe go to

With love, Bhagawati

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