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The blame game and slave mentality
By Anand Bhagawati

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The Ability to Respond
By Ma Prem Gitamo

Response Here and Now
By Lakshen Sucameli

The Four Letter Words: Duty, Work and Love
By Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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    Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind To No-Mind
    Laugh Your Way to God
    Tantra by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
    Message from the Master


Tantra by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
Ma Ananda SaritaMahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
Is a world renowned Tantra teacher and author. She teaches a 7 level Tantra training for couples and a variety of groups for singles.  She comes once a year to Osho Nisarga in India to teach the Tantra Meditation Retreat, during which participants experience the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. She has been a disciple of Osho since 1973 and received a great deal of personal guidance from him on the subject of Tantra. She lived in his commune in Pune 1, Oregon and Pune 2, before moving to England in 1999, where she founded the School of Awakening.

Website: www.schoolofawakening.com
Email: info@schoolofawakening.com

1. Why is Tantra also called “the whispered transmission”?

Tantra is called the 'whispered transmission' because out of necessity it had to go underground for long periods because of religious and political power games going on in the society. Tantra makes people free, offering methods which help people to discover a direct connection to the divine with no intermediary needed. This has been threatening to the status quo. One example of this is that there are a special group of Warrior sadhus, connected to the Shankacharya, whose role used to be to kill Tantric practitioners. Osho has spoken in his discourse about a Tantric village who were all slaughtered, for example. In such a political climate it is natural that Tantra had to devise ways to keep the transmission alive by 'whispering' it. There have also been phases in India's past when Tantra was widespread and it's teachings were taken all over the known world of those days. In fact, some methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra are at the roots of many of the world religions.

2. Meditation is an individual search. What is the significance of the other in Tantra?

Meditation can be applied to any aspect of living or dying. When we practice meditation alone, we can find inner peace and harmony within ourselves. However, this may not be enough to bring peace and harmony in the relationship dynamic, where two people are involved. It has been my experience that if you want to find harmony and bliss in the couple, it is essential that the couple practice meditation 'as a couple'. This will have a highly beneficial effect on the relationship. I have been teaching a seven level Tantra Couples training for many years. It is so beautiful to see the miracles which happen as a result of the couple practicing Tantra meditation together. It affects every facet of the relationship for the better, whether that be in their communication, their sexuality or the deepening of their love.

I have met so many people who are meditators and are very confused as to why, even after many years, they still have disharmony in their relationships. I used to be one of those people. Practicing Tantra meditations as a couple is a revolution in love and relating. It creates the phenomenon of 'rising in love.'

The reason why the other is significant in Tantra is because in Tantra, the other is seen and experienced as a door into union with our own inner male female aspects, and also because through learning the language of orgasm, we can more easily melt into the orgasm with the universe. In addition to this, Tantra will always use what is the case, as an entry into expanded consciousness. Instead of running away from relationships and the world, the Tantric practitioner takes on the challenge and brings awareness to those areas of life normally thought to be troublesome for the seeker. By bringing awareness to it, those areas of life are transformed into their divine potential. This is why Tantra is known as the path which transforms poison into nectar.

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
Phone: +44 (0) 1769 58 12 32
Website: http://www.schoolofawakening.com/Home.html

Osho World Online Magazine :: October 2010 - Osho_Responsibility
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