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How Osho Changed my Life

Ma Prem UrshitaBy Ma Prem Urshita

I happened to read a book of Osho published by Diamond Pocket books in 1996. It was mind blowing. I found it so interesting that I purchased Osho Times magazine from the local Osho centre.

I thought Osho is a philosopher. Till that time I did not know anything about meditation. He described dynamic meditation in one book. I tried it at home and many things started happening during it. Then I decided to go to the ashram in Jabalpur. In Jabalpur I saw a video of Osho. I started weeping, crying for unexplained reason that continued for 3 days. My heart was saying that I loved him from before. Then and there I took sannyas.

Since then there is no end to reading Osho. He touched every issue that I was suffering from. I became addicted to His books. My mind had numerous questions and I kept on reading Him for continuous 8 years.

In one of His books, he described the stages of dynamic meditation and after reading, I started throwing out my breath and strange things started happening. I started regular meditations and participated twice in Mystic Rose No Mind and Born Again group. I have been witnessing my own transformation continuously. Since the last 14 years, I have been regularly visiting Pune, Delhi & Jabalpur Ashram and continuing regular meditation at home. Whenever time permits, I go for group meditations. I feel a continuous transformation and better understanding of life.

One of my most memorable experience is that I had a swelling in my neck, in the thyroid region, since my teen age. My thyroid profile was within its normal limits. In the year 2000, when I was meditating in the Osho ashram in Pune, I felt like being strangulated whenever I sat in meditation. I went through past life regression and I came to know that I was strangulated in my past life. After healing, my neck swelling completely subsided. I am a post graduated doctor, ophthalmologist. No medical science can answer this.

Post sannyas, my life took a 180 degree turn. Love for my husband grew tremendously and I am in a wonderful relation with my husband. He is also a sannyasin. Soon after my father became a Osho disciple. I share a better understanding with my co-workers and they feel comfortable with me. I feel tremendous compassion towards the patients. I love my patients. I am committed to give my best to every patient of mine. My patients love me.

The very quality of my life improved after sannyas. Now I am relaxed. My mind conditionings of past are cleared and I live very much in the present moment. Life is a flow. I am happy that things are not permanent. They come, they go, so no tension, no worries.

I am surgeon by profession. Performing surgery on the human eye is actually very stressful. But to me, it is creativity. At 43 years, I am not surfing from any disease. Everyday I meditate, dance, cook and enjoy life every moment.

-Ma Prem Urshita
(Dr. Mrinal Chakraborti)
Murshidabad, West Bengal

Osho World Online Magazine :: October 2011
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