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Neo-Sannyas Day Celebration

Osho disciples celebrated Neo-Sannyas Day on 26th September. This day in the year 1970, Osho introduced his vision of sannyas and initiated his first group of disciples in a meditation camp in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Osho’s Neo-Sannyas Movement continues to attract thousands of seekers every year. Osho brought the spirit of Krishna, his dance and playfulness to the modern day. His insights gave birth to a new Sannyas of life-affirmation, joy, freedom, celebration and creativity.

Neo sannyas celebration camp was conducted at Oshodham from September 23 to 26, 2011, facilitated by Ma Yog Neelam and Ma Dharm Jyoti.

I have made you a totally new kind of sannyasin. It is a neo-sannyas. And behind whatsoever I am doing there is a method. You may be aware of it or not. I want to destroy the whole traditional attitude. Life should be religious and religion should not have any life. The distinction between the marketplace and the monastery should not be there. The monastery Should be in the marketplace; the divine dimension should become part of everyday life.
The Art of Dying, Chapter-2



Mahaparinirvana Day Celebration

After Osho’s father, Swami Devateerth Bharti, left his body, enlightened on September 08, 1979, Osho created an annual festival, the Mahaparanirvana Day, to celebrate all sannyasins, past and future, who have died and will die enlightened. Mahaparinirvana Day was celebrated with Kirtan Dhyan & a film show on Mahaparinirvana at Osho World galleria. At Oshodham this day was celebrated with meditations, facilitated by Swami Satya Vedant and Swami Ravindra Bharti.

Osho World Online Magazine :: October 2011
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