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Book Serialization
From Lemurs to Lamas
Confessions of a Bodhisattva
Swami Prem Purushottama Goodnight
This book is dedicated to this oceanic presence which we call Osho.

Through the process of putting this material down in words I have realized that there is a difference between re-membering a story and allowing the space of the story to retell itself.

This is not a commercial exercise. When I came to that conclusion it was tremendously liberating. You are free to copy and distribute this work for any non-commercial purpose. I have listed the sources from which I have borrowed words. I wish to express my eternal gratitude to beloved Amido for her invaluable assistance, suggestions and support as well as for providing some of the photographs. And in the end, life is a story, a fictional, non-fiction of which I am the Witness.

If for any reason you wish to contact me, you may do so by email: [email protected]
Love Is Being,

Life is a Mysterium

At the end of the ranch we moved Rajneesh Publications to Boulder, Colorado. I had traveled through Boulder many times with the books and new that there was a very diverse group of spiritual misfits assembled in Boulder so we would fit right in.

Soon several semi-trucks of books were loaded and sent on their way. We assembled a crew and were soon on our out into the world. It was not an easy transition because we had been operating as a non-profit and now had to manage making enough return to survive. Additionally we were still expected to fill some of the functions of the non-profit.

There were conflicts with the international management team and soon myself and Shakyamuni decided to create our own marketing company and support the sales from one step removed. I was coming to the end of my book career, I could feel it, the juice was out, but didn’t acknowledge it right away. Something was shifting internally also; I was being increasingly drawn into the - individual inquiry. We managed to transform the knowledge that was gained from calling on new age bookstores into a unique music and art store named Mysterium. This store would also be able to support the newly born music distribution business that had just started to show its shoots. Soon that business too, would break off, and flourish as White Swan Records and Distributors.

Looking back it is easy to see that it was the conflict, the friction with management that helped fuel the inner fire which gave birth to new endeavors. If one is grateful for the result then one also has to be grateful for the means. Life is a Mysterium Tremendum.

To be continued...

Osho World Online Magazine :: October 2011
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