Issue 3

Issue Fifty Five, September 2006


Issue 26


8 -10 September:
3-day meditation camp,
conducted by Ma Dharm Jyoti
22-26 September :
5-day meditation camp,
conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
30 September-2 October:
3-day meditation camp fro children and parents,
conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti and Ma Dev Dakshina

10th September
Osho World Foundation presents “Guru Vandana”, by Dhrupad Maestro Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar and Sitar Maestro Ustad Usman Khan at FICCI Auditorium as a part of ongoing Osho’s 75th birth year celebrations

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:: HEALTH ::


“Our wrong attitudes towards food are becoming dangerous for us. They are proving to be very costly. They have taken us to a point where we are somehow just alive. Our food does not seem to create health in us, it seems to create sickness. It is a surprising situation when food starts making us sick. It is as if the sun rising in the morning creates darkness. This would be an equally surprising and strange thing to happen. But all the physicians in the world are of the opinion that most of the diseases of man are because of his wrong diet.

So the first thing is that every person should be very aware and conscious about his eating. And I am saying this especially for the meditator. It is necessary for a meditator to remain aware what he eats, how much he eats, and what its effects are on his body. If a man experiments for a few months with awareness, he will certainly find out which is the right food for him, which food gives him tranquility, peace and health. There are no real difficulties but because we do not pay any attention to food, we are never able to discover the right food.

The second thing about food is that the state of our mind when we eat is much more important than what we eat. Food will affect you differently if you eat joyously, happily, or if you eat when you are filled with sadness and worry. If you are eating in a worried state, then even the best food will have a poisonous effect. And if you are eating with joy then it is possible that sometimes even poison may not be able to have its total effect on you. It is very possible. So what state of mind you eat in is important.”


Excerpted from: The Inner Journey, # 3

The Concept of Satvik Food is centered on the Scientific Theory that the Nature and Quality of Food consumed co-relates directly with Human Temperament and Behavior pattern.

It redefines and elevates Eating is to a Higher and a Finer Form where not only is the Preparation of Importance but so is the Partaking, thus paying all due Obeisance and Respect to it.

To further expound on the above, food can be essentially divided into 3 categories:





The foods grouped under Satvik are:

Freshly prepared vegetarian food, devoid of onion and garlic.

Non-refined cereals

Milk and its derivatives

Fruits and Juices

Consumption of the above mentioned aids in guarding the mind in a state of restful alertness, hence leading to improved concentration and reduces lethargy.

The foods grouped under Rajsik are;

Hot & Spicy Food

Refined Cereals

Fried & Junk Food

Meat and non-vegetarian food

Consumption of the above mentioned leads to cholesterol, hypertension, irritability and mood-swings.

The foods grouped under Tamsic are:

Meat & other non-vegetarian food

Tea, Coffee and other caffeinated beverages

Alcohol & Tobacco

Stale Food

Consumption of the above mentioned leads to lack of concentration, sleeping disorders, anger outbursts and acidity.

This does not does mean that one has to abstain from “all the goodies”.

The key to Sathvikta is Moderation. In other words, Drawing a Balance in one’s lifestyle and avoiding excesses and extremities.

To start off with, I would like to mention that the recipes given below are designed for an International Palate which would cater to all.

Sub Sandwich


Whole-wheat footlong                    6 inches

Cottage cheese (crumbled)           3 tablespoons

Butter or margarine                      2 teaspoon

Blanched spinach                        ½ a cup

Chopped Tomatoes                      ½ a cup

Ketchup                                     2 tablespoons

Salt, Pepper and Red Chilli Flakes to Taste

Mint Chutney


  • Grill the footlong crisp
  • Butter the toasted footlong and add ketchup, blanched spinach, chopped tomatoes.
  • Add Mint Chutney and sprinkle crumbled cottage cheese.

(You may add a little grated cheddar cheese for flavor.)

  • Add the seasoning to taste.
  • Grill the Footlong with a dot of butter on top.
  • Garnish with Oregano and Green Chillies as an option.

By far, the most important ingredient in the preparation of Satvik Food is Love. The food must be prepared lovingly, with tenderness and shared with these same sentiments with all. Then indeed does your creation become SATVIK.

  _Ruchii Rai