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A queen's divine love

Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Asian Age, 8 August, 2012

Why the world with all its technological advancement and thousands of channels of entertainment is day by day becoming dry and boring? The main reason is today the mind rules over our heart, mathematics rules over poetry, materialism rules over spirituality — and very excessively.

The song and dance and ecstasy and celebration are missing from our life. That’s why we live a miserable, juiceless life.

At such an uncertain time, it is best to be reminded of the songs and dance of mystics such as Meera that can change our environment for the better. A little bit of madness, beyond the mundane world of mind to experience a real masti, a transcendental space of ecstasy. Meera was madly in love with Krishna who existed thousands of years before her, but for Meera the Lord was always present, dancing and playing on his flute. Krishna leela made Meera dissolve into the Lord and have an ultimate experience of advaita (oneness) through devotion. The blissfulness of her bhakti gave birth to the unique celestial songs that keep resounding in the hearts of millions of people in India and around the world. These are the songs of divine love.

Meera says: “Main to prem diwani hoon (I am madly in love, so madly loved that I am mad, mad, mad!)” She was a queen but she renounced the palace to be a beggar. Playing her veena she danced in the marketplace, from village to village, town to town, city to city, singing her heart out, pouring herself totally.

Osho gave several discourses on Meera’s songs and said: “Meera is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Perhaps no other woman has reached the heights she had reached. The day the space within her opened, she forgot her queenly status. She started dancing in the streets of her own capital. Naturally, the family was very much disturbed — a queen dancing in the marketplace!”

She danced all over the country. Nobody knows how many people understood the dance. She sang beautiful songs. They are not philosophical treatises, but they have beautiful gaps. If you can catch those gaps, you can enter into the unknown. Her dances are a language of a totally different calibre. If you can understand her dance, perhaps something will start dancing in you.

All that is needed is an openness, a receptivity so that her dance can trigger the dormant energy in your being. And if you can also dance, you will have communicated, you will have understood what meditation is.


Mmmm...a mia! says Pune

The Hindu Business Line, New Delhi, 8 August 2012

There's a sharp rise in the number of Italian food outlets.

Not so many years ago, the Italian managing director of a multinational in Pune was seen teaching a fellow diner the joys of eating bread dipped in an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. The setting was one of just a handful of restaurants in the city that served Italian cuisine.

Today, the Pune air is well nigh redolent with flavours from Italy. Restaurants exclusively serving Italian cuisine have sprung up across the city over the past few months, espousing a growing trend that says “Prego” — Italian for ‘welcome’.

“It’s raining Italy in Pune,” agrees culinary expert Karen Anand, who feels that the Italian food in the city is more authentic, and often better, than what is available even in Mumbai. The current tally is over a dozen, mostly upmarket restaurants serving only Italian cuisine, the latest incumbents being Spaghetti Kitchen in Amanora City, Café Mangii at Phoenix Market City and the high-altitude (12th floor) Pesto Pesto in Koregaon Park, not to mention new outlets of home-grown chain Little Italy.

The rapid emergence of upmarket American hotel chains has also contributed to the Italian fervour. Pune was the first city in India to have a Favola — the signature restaurant of Starwood Hotels brand Le Meridien. Around the same time Prego got going at the Westin, Marriott opened doors to the Alto Vion, and Hyatt opened the La Terrazza.

Pune’s romance with Italian food began about 22 years ago, with the coming together of the culinary skills of an Italian husband-wife duo — disciples of the late spiritual leader Osho, and the business acumen of a Gujarati entrepreneur. The result was the birth of La Pizzeria (now called Little Italy), on Bund Garden Road.

“In 1990, we were the first standalone Italian restaurant in the city, and probably in all of India,” says Raj Mehta, Managing Director of the Little Italy chain. Though it was set up keeping in mind the strictly vegetarian Osho clientele, the large pool of Gujarati/ Marwari vegetarians with similar eating habits and high spending power took to pizzas and pasta like fish to water and kept the place buzzing.

“Those were cowboy days,” quips Karen of the times when mozzarella was an alien name and lettuce wasn’t even available! Since then, the Puneri palate has matured beyond pizzas and pasta, and high-end ingredients such as Parma ham and well-matured Parma cheese can be sourced locally.

If Italian cuisine has received an overwhelming reception, it is primarily on account of increased awareness thanks to the advent of chains like Pizza Hut and Dominoes, and a burgeoning population of expatriates and out-of-city types who are ready to try new things. Adding to this is the fact that Italian cuisine lends itself well to vegetarian preparations, and can do without ingredients like onion and garlic.

Of course, it may be a while before you could sit in one of the restaurants and call for a Bellini Cipriani, the classic Venetian cocktail of sparkling wine and peach puree, or round off a sumptuous meal with a glass of limoncello, the liqueur typically prepared from lemons abundant along the Amalfi coast… but the way things are going, we’ll get there soon enough.


The Osho Samadhi

Mid Day, Mumbai, 8 August 2012

In the coming weeks more is going to be heard of the storm brewing at the Osho ashram in Pune’s Koregaon park where according to insiders ‘a handful of loyalists are intent on destroying the sanctity of Osho’s Samadhi for their own avarice.’ Media reports had alerted readers to the news of huge acres of prime property that belonged to the ashram being donated to the ‘ Darshan Trust’. At stake is the circular marble floored, marble walled bedroom of the master and its majestic circular chandelier; recognized as Osho’s Samadhi where His followers were allowed to meditate silently. According to the reports, the Osho International Foundation (OIF), which controls all of Osho’s properties, has been taking gradual steps to erase the significance of the Samadhi for his devotees over the last few years. Given the past acrimonious skirmishes that had broken out amongst his followers and the amount at stake, you can be sure that the issue is not going to go away in hurry. Incidentally, we have seen the bedroom and it is the magnificent sight. We were particularly impressed by the state - of - the- art futuristic looking dentist’s equipment and chair in the corner. Apparently, the master had his teeth attended to in private!


Osho Commune Mum On Samadhi

Daily News & Analysis (D.N.A.), 7 August 2012

In its affidavit filed before the charity commissioner dated July 16, the Osho International Foundation (OIF) had denied the existence of any samadhi of Osho in the commune at Koregaon Park. The OIF has now refused to answer any further questions on the issue. Spokesperson of the Osho Commune, Amrit Sadhana, in a terse communiqué to DNA, said, “As this matter is sub judice, we can only say that the affidavit speaks for itself.”

DNA had reported on August 2 about the affidavit in which the OIF said, “First of all there was never any samadhi of Osho as he himself was opposed to any personal worship. The board which was mistakenly put was removed 12 long years ago as it was realised that it was an error by the management of the trust (sic). Osho had never told to create his samadhi and had expressed his desire that people can come and meditate.”



Times of India, New Delhi, 5 August, 2012

Tantra advocates physical intimacy without lust as a way to spiritual evolution, says Osho

Tantra preaches that there is really no God to be approached directly. Unless you penetrate the mystery of sex, unless you go deep into it, you cannot know Brahmn.

You have seen the Shiva lingam- it is not alone, it is also with the yoni of Uma…. The Shiva lingam is the symbol of sexual orgasm and meeting. Through this meeting, individuals disappear and the cosmic is revealed.

Inside man, mind is one pole and sex is the other. You exist between two poles. In your head is the thinking force, the reason, the mind. And just on the other pole is sex. Scientist say that your brain is just an extension of your backbone, the spine. On one pole exist sex energy, on the other pole exist reasoning. These are the two poles of your spine, and your spine is your existence. You exist through your spine. When your reason comes to its climax, you become polar. You have moved to one extreme, and it is absolutely abstract. And sex is the most substantial; it is not abstract at all.

Sex is a deeply penetrating force. Mind never penetrates anything directly; sex penetrates only directly. Sex has no abstraction about it; mind has no substantiality about it. So sex is the earth within you; mind is just the sky. Sex is the root within you; mind is the flower.

So, whenever mind wants to know what the life force is, there is only one way and that is to come back to the roots, because those roots are in the cosmos, those roots are deep in  the cosmic life energy. Through sex, mind can move backwards to the very source. If you go on thinking, then you move around and around in the mind and there is no way to go out. You can create big philosophies, great systems, but they will all be concepts, words, verbalisation; they cannot be realities. Mind can know only if mind falls back to the roots, goes down to the very source. And through that source, the Brahmn can be known.

Tantra means the yoga of sex. For the future generations, only tantra can be helpful, because only tantra knows the secrets of how to ask the sex centre, sex energy, about the ultimate source of energy.

Two things that sex can answer: for a man, a woman is the answer and for a woman, a man is the answer. If you can rightly ask, sex can become for you the deepest answer possible. But there are dangers. If you can question the right way, sex can reveal the deepest secrets to be known. But if you don’t , sex will become the greatest fall possible. This is bound to be so because sex has the height. If you travel towards that height in the wrong way, you will fall. Because sex is such an attraction and an unconscious force, it is difficult to remain alert, meditative. While experimenting in it, you will become unconscious. And it will get you no where.

So tantra trains people first to be nonsexual. Tantra teaches first to come to a point where sex is not a madness for you. Tantra first teaches you to be totally unattached, without desire.

A tantric seeker has to contemplate on a beautiful woman sitting before him, on her beauty, but as a devine force. And he has to go on watching inside that no lust arises. If it does the point is lost.

This is the most difficult thing. For months together,the seeker is to practice going beyond lust. And when a beautiful women appears just like a beautiful flower and he has no lust in the mind, only then will the master allow the seeker to approach this beautiful woman without lust. Then it becomes a meditation, and the orgasm becomes cosmic.

The Supreme Doctrine


No Samadhi at Osho Commune

Partha Sarathi Biswas, Daily News & Analysis (D.N.A.), Pune, 2 August 2012

Osho International Foundation files affidavit before charity commissioner

The ongoing dispute between the Osho International foundation(OIF), the trust which controls the day-to-day activity of the Osho commune, in Koregaon park and the some of the disciples of the controversial mystic Osho Rajneesh, seemed to have taken an interesting turn, with the OIF denying the existence of any ‘samadhi’ of Osho.

This claim was made by OIF and Neo Sanyas Foundation (NSF), in an affidavit before the charity commissioner in Mumbai in response to an  affidavit filed by Yogesh Thakkar and others challenging the descision of the OIF to transfer land of the commune.

The affidavit which was filed on july 16, states “first of all there was never any Samadhi of Osho as he himself was opposed to any personal worship. The board which was mistakenly put was removed 12 long years ago as it was realised that it was an error by the management (sic) the trust. Osho had never told to create his Samadhi and had expressed his desire (sic) that people can come and meditate..”

The Samadhi reffered in the affidavit is the Chang Tzu hall of the commune, which is supposed to house the ashes of Osho. Disciples of Osho, talk how post the demise of the mystic, it was decided to enshrine the ashes in the Chang Tzu  hall, which during the lifetime of Osho, served as bedroom and darshan hall of the master.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti of Osho Nisarg (a meditation centre) recollected that how six weeks before his demise, Osho himself had directed his disciple to do so. “The writing on the marble plaque ‘Osho never born never died’ was also dictated by Osho himself. As the room houses the ashes of Osho, That has to be the Samadhi,” he said.

Similar were the experience of Yogesh Thakkar, another disciple, who remembered that on January 20,1990, a day after the demise of Osho it was Swami Amrito (John Andrews) had held a meeting in the Buddha hall of the commune and announced how” Samadhi of the master would be created in Chang Tzu hall as per the directions of the master.”
 The affidavit has created quite a ruffle amongst the Osho desciples, who term is as incorrect and wrong.

DNA had sent an email to the spokesperson of the commune Ma Amrit Sadhna, asking for the commune’s reaction, but she did not respond.


Your First Responsibility Is Towards Yourself

First City, Delhi , August 2012

I want you to become absolutely selfish. Love yourself. Be yourself. Don’t be distracted by any type of people-religious, political, social, educational. Your first responsibility is neither towards religion nor towards nation. Your first responsibility is towards yourself.


And just see: if everybody is loving himself, caring about himself, his intelligence will come to its peak, his love will be overflowing. To me, the philosophy of selfishness will make him really altruistic, because he will have so much to share, so much to give, that giving will become a joy to him, that sharing will be a celebration to him.

Altruism can only be a by- product of self-love.

Because if you don’t love yourself, you feel weak-because love is nourishment, it is your strength. Naturally, how can you feel responsible? You go on throwing your responsibility on somebody else’s shoulders. God is responsible, fate is responsible, Adam and Eve are responsible. The serpent who seduced Eve to disobey God – that serpent is responsible.

Can you see the idiocy of all this dumping your responsibility on somebody? -  A serpent, perhaps millions of years ago. I have tried hard to make some little conversation with a serpent who seduced Eve to disobey God- that serpent is responsible.

Can you see the idiocy of all this dumping your responsibility on somebody? - A serpent, perhaps millions of years ago. I have tried hard to make some little conversation with a serpent, with a snake- they don’t speak. Infact, they don’t speak. In fact, they don’t even hear. I discovered that serpents don’t have ears, ears are not part  of their physiology. And if they cannot hear, how can they speak? And how could they persuade eve?

But we have to dump our responsibility on somebody else. Adam dumps it on eve. Eve dumps it on the serpent. The serpent- if he could speak-would dump it on god. This way we go on throwing our responsibility, without understanding that unless you are responsible for yourself, you are not truly an individual.

Shirking responsibility is destructive to your individuality. But you can accept responsibility only when you have tremendous love for yourself.

I accept my responsibility, and I rejoice in it. I have never dumped my responsibility on anybody else, because that is losing freedom, that is becoming enslaved, at the mercy of others. Whatsoever I am, I am wholly and solely responsible for it. This gives me great strength. It gives me roots, centering. But the source of this responsibility is, I love myself.

I have also been through the same type of mass exploitation. But from the very beginning I made it clear that if I am going to be pushed into heaven, I will refuse it. Of my own will I am ready to go to hell. Atleast I will have my independence, my choice.

My parents, my teachers, my professors struggled with me. But I said, “one thing is certain: I cannot accept any bribery to become a slave. I would rather suffer for the whole eternity in hell-fire, but I will remain myself. Atleast that much joy I will have – that this is my choice, nobody has forced me.”

Taken as prisoner into paradise, do you think you can enjoy it? Going into paradise following Jesus, Christ, or Moses, or Buddha, or Krishna-what kind of paradise will that be, where you are expected to be blind believers; you cannot ask a question, you cannot inquire about anything. That paradise will be worse than hell.

But people have been distracted from their very source.

I want you to come back home. Respect yourself. Feel the joy and the pride that existence needs you; otherwise you would not have been here. Rejoice that existence cannot be without you. In the first place that’s why you are here: existence have given you an opportunity, a life with tremendous treasures hidden within you – of beauty, of ecstasy, of freedom.

But you are not existential! You are Christian you are Buddhist, you are Hindu. And I want you only to believe in one thing: existence. There is no need to go to any synagogue or any church. If you cannot experience the sky, the stars, the sunset, the sunrise, the flowers blossoming, the birds singing. The whole of existence is a sermon! Not prepared by some stupid priest, it is all over the place.

You just need to trust yourself; that is another name for loving yourself. And when you trust and love yourself, obviously you have taken all the responsibility of whatever you are, whoever you are, upon your own shoulders. That gives such a tremendous experience of being that nobody can enslave you again.

Can you see the beauty of an individual who is capable of standing on his own feet? And whatever happens- joy or sorrow, life or death – the man who has loved himself is so integrated that he will be able not only to enjoy life, he will be able to enjoy death too.

From Death to Deathlessness