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Move Towards The Heart

[The new sannyasin says he has a problem with his thoughts which are very active.]

No, nothing to be worried about. Just one month and your bolts will become loose! Two months and then nobody can screw them back! It will happen; nothing to worry about. The whole work here is about that, mm? It will happen; it just takes a little time. Just old habits of thinking, and everybody has been trained to think. The society pays so much for thinkers, so naturally it is an economical asset. About non-thinkers the society does not bother. It does not pay poets or the painters or the musicians. It pays mathematicians, engineers, doctors, professors. It pays heads. It is almost against lovers; it punishes them.

It is against emotions, against feeling; it does not allow them. It is okay on a holiday but not ordinarily. Once in a while you can relax, can take a little alcohol and relax, but otherwise you have to remain in the head. The world is run by the head, and because the heart brings chaos the society does not allow it. School, college, university, everything has been made in such a way that the heart is crushed.

People who belong to the heart suffer much because they behave in a way which cannot go with society, with the majority. They are always falling away from the crowd, from the mob. They never walk on the super-highway; they seek their own small footpaths in the jungle of life. The society does not want individuals. The head is a collective phenomenon. This has to be understood.

For example, two plus two are four. Whether you make it or I make it or anybody else makes it, it is universal, it is collective. Whether you do it in Tibet or in Iran or in Japan it doesn't matter. Even if you go to Mars or to the moon it will be the same; it is a collective phenomenon. But my love is my love and your love is your love and there is no way to make it universal. You love a woman and you say she is beautiful. Nobody may agree with you but that doesn't bother you. Nobody need agree; that is your personal thing. You like a rose flower; somebody may hate it. You like the peacock and its beautiful feathers; somebody may feel nauseous.

It remains individual. The heart is individual, the core of the individual. So society does not pay respect to the heart. It trains generation after generation for the head, for the collective. It is dependable, predictable. But then life becomes monotonous; the individual is killed, is just a computer.

Remember that computers are available now which can do all the work a human mind can do. In the future there is every possibility, it can almost certainly be predicted that computers will be available that are better than the human mind. But no computer is able to fall in love. No computer will ever compose poetry like Shakespeare. One day it will be possible for computers to do mathematical calculations as well as Albert Einstein or even better. But there is no way that computers will ever paint like Vincent van Gogh or will compose music like Beethoven. There is no possibility. The computer has no heart.

One day man will have to assert his heart to protect himself from the computer. Otherwise the computer will compete with man very dangerously; the computer will defeat man. Now the struggle of the future is going to be between man and machine. It is no more a question of the poor and the rich, the slave and the master, the serf and the feudal lord. Those days are gone. It is not even going to be a question of conflict between man and woman but conflict between man and machine... and man himself has created the machine.

Man can survive only if he moves towards the heart. Then he can show the machine that there are a few things only he can do, that machine cannot do: poetry, painting, love, meditation. That will be the superiority of man. That day is coming, it is close by, when there will be no other way to keep one's dignity except through the heart.

It is going to happen. Just watch and get into things.
The Open Secret, Chapter-7