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Lao Tzu

Lao TzuIt is an interesting fact that nothing is known of Lao Tzu s death. No one knows when he died, where and how he died. There is however a popular story that the last man to see Lao Tzu, asked him where he was going. Lao Tzu replied, he was returning to where he came from. The man said however, "But people will worry about you; where you have gone and what happened to you?" Lao Tzu said, "When I was born, I was ignorant. So there was a little noise about my birth. Now that I have attained wisdom, there shall be no sound about my death.

"The happening of death will not take place, in a way, in my case. There shall be no account of my death in the world of happenings for the sage lively silently and departs in silence."

And thus he departed-silently.

All that the people know was, that Lao Tzu was and is no more. The happening of death did not take place in the sense that no one saw him die. His last words to some traveller were: "Now I have attained wisdom, therefore, my death shall produce no sound." When the Void walks, there are no signs of its foot-steps, when the Void walks, there are no signs of its foot-prints - as the birds fly in the air and leave no trail behind them.
The Way of Tao, Vol-1, Chapter-7


Zarathustra The last thing that Zarathustra said to his disciples was: "Beware of me!" He was leaving for the mountains, to disappear and die in the mountains; in the silence, in the eternal virginity of the mountains he was going to die. He had lived beautifully, a long life. Now he wanted to have a beautiful death in the valleys surrounded by the mountains, with the sound of running water and birds and flowers and the fragrance.

The disciples asked, "Your last message, Master?"

And he said, "Beware of me."

That has been always the last message of all great Masters.
Philosophia Perennis, Vol-1, Chapter-1


Bodhidharma In the night Bodhidharma was poisoned by some disciple as a revenge, because he had not been chosen as the successor. So they buried him, and the strangest legend is that after three years he was found by a government official, walking out of China towards the Himalayas with his staff in his hand and one of his sandals hanging from the staff - and he was barefoot.

The official had known him, had been to him many times, had fallen in love with the man, although he was a little eccentric. He asked, "What is the meaning of this staff, and one sandal hanging from it?" Bodhidharma said, "Soon you will know. If you meet my people just tell them that I'm going into the Himalayas forever."

The official reached immediately, as fast as he could, the monastery on the mountain where Bodhidharma had been living. And there he heard that he had been poisoned and he had died... and there was the tomb. The official had not heard about it, because he was posted on the boundary lines of the empire. He said, "My God, but I have seen him, and I cannot be deceived because I have seen him many times before. He was the same man, those same ferocious eyes, the same fiery and wild outlook, and on top of it, he was carrying on his staff one sandal."

The disciples could not contain their curiosity, and they opened the tomb. All that they could find there was only one sandal. And then the official understood why he had said, "You will find out the meaning of it; soon you will know."

We have heard so much about Jesus' resurrection. But nobody has talked much of the resurrection of Bodhidharma. Perhaps he was only in a coma when they buried him, and then he came to his senses, slipped out of the tomb, left one sandal there and put another sandal on his staff, and according to the plan, he left.

He wanted to die in the eternal snows of the Himalayas. He wanted that there should be no tomb, no temple, no statue of him. He did not want to leave any footprints behind him to be worshiped; those who love him should enter into their own being - "I am not going to be worshiped." And he disappeared almost in thin air. Nobody heard anything about him - what happened, where he died. He must be buried in the eternal snows of the Himalayas somewhere.
Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master, Chapter-1