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Mystics Of The East

The East has been for centuries or perhaps forever- the holy, the scared source of the life. Not only the sun rises in the East, a Gautam Buddha also rises in the East. The East has produced thousands of mystics. In comparison, the West is very poor. Just as the West has created great scientist, the East has produced great explorers of one’s own being. Still, in its most degraded era, the East attracts the seeker-almost like a magnet. Those who want to seek the truth, those who want to know themselves, suddenly feel an attraction towards the East.
The Messiah, Vol-2, Chapter-4

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Glimpses Of My Master

Insights into the life and work of the enlightened mystics, Osho

Book by Veena Schlegal

For many, the enlightened mystics, Osho, is one of the greatest spiritual leaders that has ever lived. Controversies that surrounded him during his lifetime have largely disappeared as the world has moved on and ideas that were shocking when he first broached them have now become almost a norm. For example, twenty years ago the concept of meditation, now widely practiced and praised, was suspect and condemned.

Osho,s remarkable ability to re-interpret ancient truths and doctrines in a way that people in this century can understand and benefit from, means that he is particularly important for current and future generations as they embark on their own search for truth and self-knowledge. He was, in fact, up-beat about the chaos of our troubled times, heralding it as a huge possibility for a new dawn in human consciousness.

Veena Schlegel was one of the first western seekers to meet Osho, in Mumbai in 1971.