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Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life

In Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life, Osho takes the reader step by step over the range of what makes human beings afraid--from the reflexive fight or flight response to physical danger to the rational and irrational fears of the mind and its psychology. Only by bringing the light of understanding into fears dark corners, he says, airing out closets and opening windows, and looking under the bed to see if a monster is really living there, can we begin to venture outside the boundaries of our comfort zone and learn to live with, and even enjoy, the fundamental insecurity of being alive.

Fear ends with a series of meditation experiments designed to help readers experience a new relationship with fear and to begin to see fears not as stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones to greater self-awareness and trust.

ISBN: 978-1-250-00623-3
Price: Rs. 299
Page: 174
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

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The Art of Living

How many people can honestly say that they are really living? This book gives a glimpse into what it means to live totally and consciously, and how living can become an art.

Osho presents and explores five principles: nonviolence, non-possessiveness, non-theft, non-desire, and non-unawareness. He shows how they can be applied to everyday life by bringing awareness to the simplest of actions and the minutest of details, as well as to the most powerful of human energies, sex. Through directly encountering the depths of the unconscious and aspects of our human nature that we most shy away from, we can rise to the highest peaks of consciousness.

Those familiar with the Jaina sages will recognize the five virtues as an echo of their central views. These talks were given in Mumbai at the request of Osho’s Jaina friends during the Paryuchan Parva, their main religious fortnight of the year. The commentaries are beautifully illustrated with anecdotes from the lives of many great mystics, including Mahavira, the last Jaina sage.

ISBN: 978-81-7261-273-3
Price: Rs. 665
Page: 285

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The Rebellious Spirit

“The rebel is one who lives according to his own light, moves according to his own intelligence. He creates his path by walking on it.” OSHO

We have all heard of rebels, those freelancers that don’t give a care about anybody else but themselves… But what if we were all to spend a little more time doing exactly that? It might just be that we can begin to respond to what is happening in the world with a heartfelt need to change ourselves.

In The Rebellious Spirit, Osho speaks to the spirit that lies hidden underneath our social conditioning, fanning a flame strong enough to burn through layers of rubbish, so that we can see with the crystal-clear gaze of an enlightened being. This is a book that will entice you, tickle your being with laughter and give you the courage to be yourself in the world that is today.

ISBN: 978-81-7261-280-1
Price: Rs. 750
Page: 412

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