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Afternoon Despatch, 3 July, 2012

Gautam Buddha had lived in tremendous luxury, surrounded by beautiful girls, beautiful palaces. The whole night was a celebration; the day was for rest, the night for dances and drinking. Out of this experience he became tired. He had seen all the beautiful girls; there was nothing more to be seen. He had seen that every man and woman is just a skeleton, covered with a thin skin. Just think for a moment: here all of you are skeletons covered with thin skin! This body and its beauty fades very soon.

He had seen all that was possible in those days for a man of power and riches to see, but he could not find peace, contentment, silence. He could not find himself. Utterly frustrated, he moved out of the palace one night – because this life is going to end in a few days, or in a few years. It is not something to cling to. Each moment death is coming closer; before death grabs you, you have to figure out something which is eternal, which is immortal. All that you see around you is made of the same stuff as dreams are. Do you think you are for the first time on the earth?

On the same earth millions of people have come and simply disappeared into thin air. Scientists have calculated that the place you are occupying has been occupied by at least ten people before you. You are sitting on ten corpses! And don’t think much of yourself, because you cannot get out – you will be the eleventh. And remember, it is not a laughing matter for you. Those ten corpses will laugh at you: ”Look, the poor fellow was thinking of great things and finally is flat on the pile of corpses.”

Gautam Buddha’s search for truth, for himself, for the source of life which is eternal, cannot be the search of a poor man who is hungry, who is searching for a loaf of bread. But people have completely forgotten Gautam Buddha. They have taken his meditation out of context. He could meditate because there was nothing else in the world to think about, to desire, to be ambitious for. The world was, in a way, finished the day he left his house; he never looked back.

I am reminded of a beautiful story.... Buddha was afraid that if he went into the mountains of his own kingdom, his father’s armies would find him; he would not be able to escape. He was the only son of an old king, who was hoping that he would succeed him. And he had made a big kingdom for him So he immediately passed beyond the boundaries of his kingdom to the neighboring kingdom. And the king was very furious. He ordered the armies not to leave even a single inch unsearched: ”Look around, all over the country.”

Gautam Buddha was not found, but he was not aware that the kingdom he had entered belonged to a friend of his father. So the father informed this king and other kings surrounding his kingdom, ”You have to find my son. In my old age at least you can do this much for me; we have been friends.”

The neighboring king found Gautam Buddha and he said, ”If you are angry, if you have fought with your father... It happens. It is not something strange or unfamiliar; fathers and sons have always been fighting. Don’t be worried. I have only one daughter and no son – get married to my daughter and you will have two kingdoms together. Your father is old; he cannot live long. And my kingdom is far bigger than your father’s. He is my friend and I have come with a request. You have everything to gain, nothing to lose.

You get a beautiful wife, a great kingdom, and of course your own kingdom is there. You will be a greater king than me or your father because your kingdom will be bigger than the kingdoms we have. You will have two kingdoms together.”

Gautam Buddha said, ”You don’t understand the point. I have not fought with my father, I have not been angry with him, and I have not come here in search of a girl. I am not interested in a kingdom, howsoever big it is. But I would like to ask you a few questions; you are my father’s friend. First tell me, you say your girl is very beautiful – is this beauty going to remain forever? Will she not one day be old?”
The king said, ”You ask strange questions. Everybody becomes old.”

”And do you think,” Gautam Buddha asked, ”she will never die?” The king laughed. He said, ”You are hilarious. Everybody dies.”

Gautam Buddha said, ”I don’t want to get married with someone who is going to die.”
The king said, ”She is not going to die tomorrow.”

Gautam Buddha said, ”You cannot give any guarantee. Are you sure you will be alive tomorrow?”
The king said, ”I have never thought about it. I hope that I will be alive, but I cannot be certain. But you are creating anxieties in my mind. I had come to take you to the palace and it seems you are trying to convince me to follow you to the mountains.”

Gautam Buddha said, ”It is better – there is still time, it is still light; maybe you have a few days more to live. Devote these few days to a search for something which cannot be taken away from you. Your youth will disappear, your beauty will disappear, your kingdom will one day belong to somebody else. And what does it matter, when you are dead, to whom your kingdom belongs, whether he is your son or somebody else’s son?”
The king said, ”You are a dangerous fellow. I don’t want to talk to you.”

He informed Gautam Buddha’s father, ”I have met your son; he is in the mountains in my kingdom. I tried hard, but he is very convincing. And he has created such anxiety in me that I have not slept since. I am continuously thinking of death – what is going to happen after death? What have I gained by having this big kingdom? I am a poor man inside. I have never looked into my own being; I am not even acquainted with myself. I request to you: don’t try to prevent him, let him go and let him search. What we have missed, perhaps we can hope he will find it.”

Gautam Buddha could sit silently, desireless, thoughtless, moving inwards, because the outside had lost all interest. He had seen it – that it is just a phenomenon, the way you see a film. But there are idiots who even seeing a film will cry, will weep, will laugh, because they will become identified and they will forget that there is nothing on the screen, it is just a projected film. Our whole life is not much more than that, but to know it you have to go through it. Gautam Buddha had a great chance to experience life and see its futility. This gave him the opportunity to sit in deep silence, undisturbed. Vipassana was discovered in these moments.

Source: from book "Hari Om Tat Sa" by Osho



Times of India, 17 June, 2012

It’s the reason why the east conceived of history in a circular dimension, says Osho. It reflects the repetitive cycle of birth and death.

The western attitude is still time-obsessed. There are reasons behind it. Why did time become linear in the west? Because the concept of rebirth never became prevalent. The concept was introduced so many times in the west: pythagorous introduced it, but then it was lost; Jesus hinted about it; he talked indirectly about it. He never talked directly, He indicated it. But it could not be understood.

The concept of rebirth is the reason why the east could conceive of history in a circular dimension. If you are to be reborn again and again there will be birth and death-then birth will follow and again there will be death. It will be a repetition. But if there is only life-birth followed by the death, but death not followed by birth-then birth becomes absolute, death becomes absolute. Neither will come again. That is why time became so important in the west, and the west became time-obsessed.

So Tense About Time

These are all related things: history, time tension. Why has the west become so tense about time? Not a single moment is to be lost because once lost, you cannot find it again; it cannot be reclaimed.

The east is at ease. Nothing is lost, everything can be reclaimed. You cannot lose it even if you try. Things will come back. Death will be followed by birth again, you will be young again. Everything will come back, will return to itself.

This seems more natural. Every movement is circular-it may be of an atomic particle or it may be of a great star. Everything moves in a circle; there is no movement that is linear. Einstein talks of a limitless circular space. Even space is circular. Not only are things circular, but even nothingness, the vacuum itself, is circular. Even the movement of a vacuum is circular. In fact, that which is not circular cannot move: movement is circular.

The whole of nature moves in a circle. Summer follows again in the same course; each season comes and goes and is followed in repetitive progress. Time cannot be different. Time is nothing but a medium of movement. If things are static, we will not feel time. We feel time; we become aware of it, only because things are moving. If we could be totally here for one hour, without any movement, we would not feel the passage of time. If you were always to remain the same age-if nothing moved, if everything remained static-then even eternity could not be felt.

You become aware of time because of movement. We cannot conceive of movement without time. Time means a sequence between moving events: something is followed by something else. This passage occurs in time. Since everything is moving in a circle, the passage of time cannot be non-circular.

History is an awareness of time: its events and their position in a particular framework-the frame work of linear movement. People in the east became aware of linear time and of history, only when the east came in contact with the west. Then the east felt that it was lacking something. We have no history at all; we cannot create any history. Anyone can say that Buddha is mythological and we can not prove that he is not. Anyone can say that Rama is just a story, a myth. We cannot say that he is not because we have not mentioned any record of when he lived. Where is the proof/

We were not aware that any proof is needed. We became aware of it only when we came in contact with the west. We came to know that they have everything recorded; they have exact proofs. Only then, India began to write its history.

History Cannot Exist

But still, a historic sense is not there. It cannot be, because with a circular time concept, history cannot exist. With an infinity opening toward the future, with an infinity possibility of repetition, a historic sense cannot exist. With the concept that death is just temporary-just a phase and not the end-history cannot exist. History can exist only with the concept of absolute death.

Then, each moment becomes significant. You have to live it, otherwise it will be lost. Tension follows; you cannot be relaxed. The west can never be relaxed unless its time concept changes. How can you be relaxed when moment is going, passing, and it will not come back? And the paradox is that the more obsessed you become with time, the more tense you become and the less you can live each moment.

Water On A Lotus Leaf

The more obsessed you with time, the mire you will write history and the less you will live it. History, as it exists-and it cannot exist otherwise-this history, this history attitude, can never confront those phenomena that are beyond time. Even life is beyond time. It passes through time, but is always beyond. It is like a lotus leaf: always in water, but still beyond water, untouched by it. Leaf is like that. And the deeper life becomes the more lotus leaf-like it is. Always touching somewhere, but never touched. Always in touch with time, but always beyond time. Untouched, virgin.



Sakal Times, 11 June, 2012

If there is fear and you start doing something about it, then a new fear has entered: fear of fear. It has become more complex. So the one thing to be done is, if fear is there, accept it. Don’t do anything about it because doing will not help. Anything that you do out of fear will create more fear; anything that you do out of confusion will add more to confusion. Don’t do anything.

If fear is there note down that fears is there and accept it. What can you do? Nothing can be done; fear is there. See if you can just note down the fact that fear is there, where is the fear then? You have accepted it; it has dissolved. Acceptance dissolves; only acceptance, nothing else.

If you fight you create another disturbance and this can go on ad infinitum, then there is no end to it. People come to me and they say, “we are very afraid, what should we do? ‘If I give them something to do they will do it with the being which is full of fear, so action will come out of their fear. And the action that comes out of fear cannot be anything other than fear.

If you have one problem, don’t create another; remain with the one, don’t fight and create another. It is easier to solve one problem than to solve another; and the first is near the source, the second will be removed. The further removed, the more impossible it becomes to solve it. Gandhi said to people who were violent: try to be non violent. Then their non violence comes out of violence, so their non violence is just a façade. If you have fear, you have fear—why make a problem out of it? Then you know that you have fear, just as you have two hands. Why create a problem out of it? Then you know that you have fear, just as you have two hands. Why create a problem out of it—as if you have only one nose, not two? Why create a problem out of it?

Fear is there: accept it, note it. Accept it, don’t bother about it. What will happen? Suddenly you will feel it has disappeared. And this is the inner alchemy—a problem disappears if you accept it, and a problem grows more and more complex if you create any conflict with it.yes, suffering is there, and suddenly fears comes—accepts it. It is there and nothing can be done about it. And when I say nothing can be done about it, don’t think that I am talking about pessimism to you. When I say nothing can be done about it I am giving you the key to solve it.



Times of India, 17 June, 2012

When it grips you, meditate, be creative, says Osho.

Learn to transform your poison into honey. There is a simple process. In fact, to call it transformation is not right, because you don’t do anything; you only need patience. This is one of the greatest secrets I am telling you.try it: when anger comes, you must not to do anything; just sit silently and watch it. Don’t be against it, don’t be for it. Don’t cooperate with it, don’t repress it. Let it rise.

Just give a little time and wait…and you will be surprises. If you can wait enough, anger itself becomes compassion. It is a wheel; it is moving on its own-you are in a hurry. Just as night becomes day if you can wait a little, in the same way, anger becomes compassion if you can wait a little. The same energy-just patience has to be added to it, nothing else. Remember one thing: never do anything in the mood when the poison possesses you: just wait.

Negativity provokes more negativity, anger  brings more anger, hostility brings more hostility, and things go on  and on and on….and people have been estranged with each other for ages. And they continue!


  1.  Patience is a simple way to turn poison or negativity in you into honey or positive energy
  2. If you don’t do anything, and wait long enough, you can see your anger  turn into compassion
  3. Anger generates a lot of energy. Since energy is neutral, you can use it to become more creative.


Wait. When you are angry, this is the moment to meditate. Don’t waste this moment when anger is creating such great energy in you-it can destroy. But energy is neutral-the same energy that can destroy, can also be creative. The same energy that can shatter, can shower life-just wait. Waiting and not doing anything in a hurry, one day you will be surprised, seeing the inner change. You were full of anger, and then anger goes on and on and comes to a climax…and then the wheel turns. and you can see the wheel is turning, and the anger is relaxing, and energy is released, and now you are in a positive mood-the creative mood. Now you can do something.


Always wait for positive am not saying to repress the negative am saying watch the negative. Remember the difference am not saying sit on top of the negative, forget the negative, do  something against it-no. I am not saying when you are angry,smile-no;that smile is false,ugly,phoney.don’y smile when you are angry. Close the room, keep a mirror in front of you, see your angry face yourself. There is no need to show it to anybody else. It is your business, it is your energy, it is your life, and you have to wait for the right moment. Go on looking in the mirror: see the red face, the red eyes, the murderer there.

Have you ever thought that everybody carries a murderer inside? You also carry a murderer inside? You also carry a murderer inside. Don’t think that the murderer exists somewhere else- somebody else is a murderer who commits a murder-no: everybody has the possibility to commit a murder. You carry the suicidal instinct in you.

Know yourself

Just look in the mirror: these are your climates-you have to be acquainted with them. This is part of the growth towards self knowledge. You will see that anger cannot be there forever? Nothing hangs there forever. Happiness comes and goes, unhappiness comes and goes.

Can’t you see a simple law? - That everything changes, nothing remains permanent.So, why be in a hurry? Anger has come-it will be going. You just wait, have a little patience. Just look in the mirror and wait. Let anger be there, let your face go ugly and murderous-but wait, watch.

Don’t repress and don’t act according to the anger, and soon you will see that the face is becoming softer, the eyes are becoming calmer, the energy is changing-and soon you will be full of radiance-the same redness that was anger, now is a certain radiance-a beauty on your face, in your eyes.