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[A sannyasin says: I feel guilty because I always miss the morning meditation and the lecture. I always feel lazy in the morning.
Osho checks her energy.]

Simply allow it. It is just natural to your body energy. Different people have different times for their body. Each person, in twenty-four hours, has two types of extremes.

For two hours in the night the body temperature falls by two degrees; sometimes even by three and four degrees. Those two hours are the best for sleep. In the same way, in the daytime the body temperature rises by two degrees, or sometimes even three. Those are the best hours for work. One is absolutely full of energy. But these periods are different for each, and even different for each person in different times.

For example if a person's temperature falls in the night between three and five, then those will be the hours of the best sleep for the person. If he gets up at that time he will suffer the whole day. It has nothing to do with laziness. It is a wrong concept. I'm not saying that there are not lazy people, but many people are just thought to be lazy -- they are not. For example if somebody's temperature falls between five and seven, he will be thought lazy. At least in the East he will be thought lazy; in the West, not so much.

If that person's temperature falls between five and seven, and he gets up between five and seven, for the whole day he will feel tired, as if something is missing. He will not feel vital. He will feel sleepy. You can sleep for eight hours -- that won't help. These two hours are a must. If somebody sleeps only for those two hours, that is enough. But if you don't sleep those two hours, you can sleep for ten; that won't do.

So as I feel your energy, your temperature must be falling near six to eight in the morning. So that is the time -- you just sleep. There is no need to feel guilty. You can do the evening meditation -- don't be worried about it.

By and by we can change it. Rather than forcing and getting up against your body, the temperature fall can be changed. So in the night when you go to sleep, make it a point just to tell your body.... Just talk to your body. You should learn how to talk with the body. Tell your body, 'Let the temperature fall between three and five.' And trust it; don't force. After three weeks you will find it easier and easier to get up. By and by the shift will happen, and your body temperature will start falling between three and five. Then you can get up at five completely fresh and with no problem. But don't force it. Forcing is just absurd; it cannot work.

You need deep auto-suggestion to change the body energy --  its flow, its timings.

... So there is nothing to be worried about. Simply go on suggesting. And another thing -- make it a point to go to bed regularly every night. Drop this habit. This is very disturbing; it creates confusion in the body. The body is a very simple mechanism. You put it into trouble unnecessarily. One day you go at eight o'clock and the next day the body expects that you will go at eight o'clock again, and that day you go at eleven. The body is confused; what is the matter? Because after twenty-four hours it gets ready; it expects. It is just like food. If you eat every day at eleven, then at eleven the body expects food. The juices start flowing, the appetite arises. But if you frustrate the body every day, by and by it loses contact with you. Then it becomes muddle-headed. It does not know what is going on. It loses sensitivity.
The Passion for the Impossible, Chapter-23