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First City, Delhi, June, 2012

Meditation simply means to be with yourself in your absolute aloneness, so that you have taste of your own being. To be with yourself is meditation.

In my philosophy of life, only two things are valuable: one is meditation, the other is love. and both are  complementary. Meditation means the joy of being alone, and love means the joy of being together with somebody. These are the two wings of education.


Meditation means independence, freedom-freedom from all, even from the beloved, because even the presence of the beloved encroaches on your space. it is good for the time being ,it is good to overlap your space with somebody, it is good to meet and merge, but ultimately or fundamentally, you are alone. and you have to learn how to be alone and not only how to be alone, but jously alone, ecstatically alone.

Meditation means sitting silently, doing nothing…just being!

The world is too full of doing. The society teaches you to do this to do that-why? because if you do this you will have that; if you don’t do this you will not have that. doing is the way of having more, and we are conditioned to have more and more-as if by having more, we will really become rich.

The truth is just the opposite: the more you have the more you feel your inner poverty-in contrast. The richer you become in the outside world, the emptier you will feel inside, and no outer richness can fill the inner gap. Nothing from the outside can be taken in. You can have as much wealth as possible, but it will go on piling up outside you; and the bigger the heap, the more you will see your inner emptiness,nothingness,hollowness-the more miserable you will become.

Hence, the richer a society gets, the more and more it becomes interested in religion. poor societies cannot be religious; it is almost impossible. I am not saying a poor person cannot be religious-a poor person can be-but a poor society cannot be.

The poor society remains interested in having more and more, and if you want to have more you will have to do more. you will have to put your whole energy into doing.

One thing, the most important thing in life, is meditation. No education can be called real education. even the word ‘education’simply means to draw out that which is within you.

And the other most important thing is love. love means trying to find oneself reflected in the other.love is a mirror. Meditation is a search without a mirror; love is nothing but seeing yourself in the eyes of the other you love, reflected in his being, and the way enjoying the togetherness.

We are alone but we are not alone in the sense that we exist alone. we are alone, but there are other people around us-who are also alone! we exist with many people who are alone. bridges have to be made.

Love is the meeting of two alonenesses.one alone-ness is immensely beautiful-what to say when two alone-nesses meet and merge? a great flowering happens, life becomes more mysterious, more joyous.

And then one learns the rhythm: sometimes be alone. Enjoy yourself: sometimes be together, enjoy love, friendship.when tired of togetherness, escape into your innermost being: when tired of your aloneness escape into the being of the other.

It is like walking on a tightrope; sometimes you lean towards the left, and then you know that if you lean anymore you will fall, so you start leaning towards the right. Then again a point comes when you know that if you lean more towards the right, you will fall, and you start leaning towards the left. That balance ,the balance of tightrope walker, is the balance that gives richness to man. Walk between love and meditation balancing each other become rich with meditation and love.

But remember the first thing is meditation. If you don’t know who you are ,you will not be able to love either. if you don’t know inner blissfulness, you will not be able to share with anyone else either.

But people don’t go in; they are running hither and thither-they are running everywhere except inwards. And all this running is nothing but dreaming, desiring.just watch your mind! What does your mind go on doing? In the night, it dreams, in the day it dreams…it goes on running and running. It moves in circles, but those circles are all dreams.

The truth is your consciousness, not your mind. Your mind is created by society: your consciousness comes from existence, move to the consciousness; change the gestalt. Your emphasis has to be changed-that’s what it means to be religious. That’s what conversion is: changing your attention from the mind to consciousness.




The Asian Age, 5 June, 2012

Loneliness is a major problem today, especially for people who live in cities. People may have all the resources to visit and enjoy luxury clubs around the world for sometime, but that doesn’t solve their problem of being lonely when they return home. I see people running from one place to another to kill their loneliness, yet they remain lonely.

It is possible to sit alone in a room and enjoy one’s own company. One simply has to learn how to do it.
This secret art can only be learnt if one is practitioner of Zen.

Once a disciple asked a Zen master, “what is the greatest miracle in the world?”

The master replied, “I sit here all by myself.”

There can be no bigger miracle than this: sitting by yourself. it is our unconscious habit and conditioning that we always seek company.

We always engage or occupy ourselves, going from one occupation to another. if we are bored of newspapers, we switch on the television. if television doesn’t satisfy us, we log on to the internet, often without any purpose. we do everything possible in the name of entertainment but never want to sit by ourselves.

Nobody wants to meet their own self, everybody is interested in meeting others. Meeting oneself, being oneself or sitting by oneself is the most arduous thing. that is why the Zen master said that it is the greatest miracle in the world.

Sitting by oneself is greatest meditation. We call it dhyan, which is quite different from meditation. Meditation means concentrating on something, while dhyan means being aware, awakened, not focused on anything outside oneself, not thinking or contemplating any object or even your personal god. it is pure awareness and nothing else. Just being centered and being by yourself is dhyan.

The word Zen travelled from India to china with the first Buddhist master,bodhidharma,and took the form of chan,pronounced”chan”.then it went from china to Japan where it was pronounced”zan”whch later became zen.now it has become famous all over the world because the teachings of Buddha have tremendous appeal in the west. Dalai Lama is such a rage in the west.

Sitting by yourself is not lonliness.in loneliness. You miss others.dhyan means you are enjoying being alone, and don’t need the presence of any person to give you joy. You are contented, with and by yourself.
This aloneness” is a blissful state of consciousness and this is the miracle of Zen.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti,
Editor of osho world is the author of osho fragrance.



The Times of India, New Delhi, 3 June, 2012


Buddha’s path is the negative path, his assertions are negative. That’s why Hindus called him a nastik; they called him an atheist, an absolute nihilist, an absolute nihilist. But he is not. When things disappear, thoughts disappear, and the witnessing disappears - that which remains is truth. It liberates. It is nirvana, enlightenment.


Buddha is very deep. He never asserts a single positive, if you ask about any positive, he simply remains silent. He never says God is he never says the soul is infact he never uses the word is you ask and he will use the word ‘not’ ‘no’ is his answers for everything. And if you can understand, if you can feel a rapport, you will see that he is right. When you deny all this, when you transcend all this, you become a Buddha. You are enlightened.


1 By denying everything, you don’t destroy everything, but only the world that you had created
2 You are awake when three layers of sleep are broken-related to things, mind soul
3 When the mind disappears, thoughts disappear. Then you become mindful


Buddha says you are awakened only when three sleeps are broken. One sleep is the sleep with things. Many people are asleep there, that is the grossest sleep. Millions of people, 98 percent of them are asleep there. One goes on thinking about his bank balance; one goes on thinking about the house, about clothes about this and that. There are people who only study catalogues for things.

Then, there is the second sleep, the sleep of the mind. There are people who are not concerned with things-only one percent of people who are concerned with the mind. They don’t bother about what type of clothes the use - artist novelists, poets, painters, they are not worried about the things in general they live in the mind. They can go hungry or they can go naked, they can live in asylum but they on working in the mind. The novel they are writing they go thinking. ‘I may not be immortal but the novel I am going to write is going to immortal. The painting that I am doing is going to be immortal. But when you cannot be immortal, how can your painting be immortal? When you are to perish or die, everything you create will die, because how is it possible that from death something immortal can be born?


Then there are people who go on thinking of philosophy, thoughts, oblivious of things, not worried much about them.
And then there is a third sleep: monks those who have renounced the world, and also the mind, who have been meditating for many years and they have stopped the thought process. Now no thoughts move in their inner sky, now no things are there, they are not concerned with things, not concerned with thoughts. But a subtle ego, the ‘I’ - now they call it atman, the soul, the self, the self with a capital’s’- is their sleep; they are asleep there.



When the mind disappears, thoughts disappear. It is not that you become mindless: on the contrary, you become mindful. Buddha uses this word ‘right mindfulness’ millions of time. When the mind disappears thought disappears and thoughts disappear, you become mindful. You do things, you move, you work, you eat, you sleep, but you are always mindful….what is mindfulness? It is awareness. It is perfect awareness. It is perfect awareness.
 And The Flower Showered

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Sakal Times, 28 May, 2012

Anything from outside can disturb your mind, and your dreams are nothing but your mind.Meditation is a jump beyond life.it is not getting out of life,it is getting to very centre of life.the people who have entered at very center of lifehave shown such grace,such beauty,such presencethat they have even become a tremendous inspiration for millions.just their very presenve have transformedmany people. The question is not of time but of understanding.

Everybody can be freed from nightmares, from sufferings, from miseries, but ofcourse not directly the problem is that you cannot be freed from your suffering directly because you are clinging to it. It is not the suffering that is the problem; it is you who are clinging which is the problem…

You don’t want to leave it, you brag about it. You even talk about how to get out of this misery. but one who has eyes can see that you are clinging to the misery as hard as possible.

Just the presence of the master can help you to see whether the misery is clinging to you, or you are clinging to the misery. That is a very decisive point. Once you see that you are clinging to the misery, you are freed.just the seeing of it, the very understanding, is freedom.

Looking deep into your mind you will find how you are cling to your ideas.somebody insulted you 10 years ago and still you remember it as if it is something precious.infact it was his problem that he shouted and was angry, it wasnot your problem.if you had simply remain a watcher, there would have been no scratch in our mind these 10 years. And whenever you see the person, the scratch becomes deeper.

All that is needed Is to pass through life as a reflecting mirror, not as a film or camera.thefilm of a camera  cathes hold of whatever is reflected on it.that is its function the mirror also reflect but it never catches it.things go on passing,the camera goes on filiing with new pictures,reflections,but the mirror remains empty.remain empty in this world not holding on to anything,and you have entered into new field of energy which is your own.you have just been neglecting it because you were too occupied with unnecessary non-essentials.



Afternoon Despatch & Courier, 25 May, 2012

Love is not surrender. Love does not ask you to surrender. Love does not ask for anything. Love simply gives. And the miracle is, that when you give out of love the whole existence returns it a thousandfold,as if from all over around you, rosés start showering on you. You cannot imagine, cannot conceive of it, unless you experience it. But give it a try. You will not be losing anything.

Love is not something like a commodity, that if you give it you will have less of it. It is not money, that you had ten dollars and five dollars left. Love is not commodity. It is not a quantity; it is a quality. Give it and you will be surprised that from unknown sources, from everywhere, love is flowing towards you. Give it unconditionally. You will also know that the existence is very generous.

Love but not as a need-as a sharing. Love, but don’t expect-give. Love, but remember your love should not become an imprisonment for the other. Love, but be very careful; you are moving on sacred ground. You are going into the highest, the purest and holiest temple.

Be alert! Drop all impurities outside the temple. When you love the person, love the person as if the person is a god, not less than that. Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man, because if you love a man as a man your love will be very ordinary. Your love will not more than lust. If you love a woman as a woman, your love is not going to soar very high. Love a woman as a goddess, then love becomes worship.