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A Tele of Truth and Things Imagined

This is a journey of self-discovery. The reader shares in the quest for the vanishing point; the point of  ultimate realisation. Replete with Eastern understanding, the journey also embraces Western psychology. It offers, at a story-teller's pace, the peaceful and always personal alternative that our materialist society hides from us. An inspiring and enjoyable read.
- Robin Maulsdale


ISBN – 9789381523322
PAGES – 298
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The Bhagavad Gita
Adhyay 1 & 2

Osho’s talks on the Bhagavad Gita give a new perspective on the extraordinary dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna. They reveal an unknown aspect of Krishna’s multifaceted individuality. Probably nobody before Osho has understood Krishna’s extraordinary insights so deeply. Considered a divine incarnation, Krishna is a complete avatar, yet until now no one has brought to light His genius as a psychologist.

Osho, a twentieth century Enlightened Master translates ancient wisdom into modern language, making it more easily understandable to the contemporary man on a spiritual search—just like Arjuna was thousands of years ago.

“According to me, I would call Krishna ‘the father of psychology’. He is the first individual who has understood the wavering mind, the mind which is in conflict. He has seen the mind full of sorrow, the will power being fragmented—and has tried to bring integrity, unity and wholeness to the mind. He is the first individual who has introduced psychoanalysis and has explored the human mind.”


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“There is no need to agree with anything I say. Just contemplate on what I say; that is enough. See if you find anything right. If you do not agree with what I said; just forget it. However, if you find a small fragment of what I said to be right, contemplate upon it. After through contemplation, if it still seems right to you, it will become your truth—it will no longer be mine. And the truth that becomes yours, that truth alone will make you wise…. Borrowed truth can never be of any use to you; it will actually harm you… The ultimate truth has to experienced first-hand; there is no other way.”

A few years ago, a friend of mine called on me after a long time and asked me what I was working on. I told him that I was writing a book on Rajneesh. “Oh! One fraud writing on another fraud!” said he, in his usual tongue-in-cheek manner.
“It takes a fraud to understand another fraud,” I replied.

Mention the name Rajneesh or Osho, and you always get an amusing, and often extreme response. People either idolise him or demonise him. When I was considering the subject of my Ph.D. thesis; among many options I also considered his philosophy as a topic. Some laughed at the idea, while others cautioned me that it would be academic suicide.
If people were allowed to do doctorates on Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, why was research on Rajneesh ignored, I wondered, considering the fact that, at least to my knowledge, no such work has been done on him so far.
While this book was being written, I was often asked, “Why Rajneesh?” The reader, too, might ask the same question because there are over seven-hundred books by Rajneesh himself in the market.
And my reply would be—it is precisely for this reason I have written this book. The Rajneesh corpus is immensely voluminous, and very few have the time to go through it. People read excerpts here and there out of context and jump to absurd conclusions.
When I first heard his recorded discourse over twelve years ago, I, like many who hear him for the first time, was astounded by sheer force of his orator, poetic language, and the guts to turn accepted notions upside down. As one of my teachers, Prof. Bhupinder Brar, once told me: “I have read many shocking books, but after a few pages I get no further shocks. However, Rajneesh is one thinker who never fails to shock me every third page.”
He was the ultimate iconoclast. So Rajneesh shocks, and that is because in his own words: “The absolute truth is like that. It is shocking and dangerous. And if you do not have the guts to face it, you must not seek it.”
-Dr. Kuldip Kumar Dhiman


The introduction of this book is in two parts. This is not the normal practice, but with Rajneesh Osho nothing can be normal. The first part gives a broad overview of Rajneesh”s ideas and methods . it tries to put his thought in perspective, so it becomes slightly easy to understand him. The second part deals specially with the contradictory nature of his ideas.

ISBN – 978-81-921006-2-3
PAGES – 312
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