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Laughter comes out of health. It's an overflowing energy. That's why children can laugh and their laughter is total. Their whole body is involved in it -- when they laugh you can see their toes laughing. The whole body, every cell, every fiber of the body, is laughing and vibrating. They are so full of health, so vital; everything is flowing.
A Bird on the Wing, Chapter-10

1. Pappu To Boss: "I Got To Definitely Have A Salary Increase, Three Other Companies Are After Me"
Boss: "Really? Which Are The Three Companies?"
Pappu: "The Electricity Company, The Telephone Company And The Gas Company"

2. Normal people believe that if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
Engineers believe that if it isn't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.

3. Girl: Which Laptop do u have..?
Boy : I have a HP G-62 with Intel core i3 processor 2.3 Ghz,
Windows 7, 64 bit..
2 Gb RAM & Intel 1 Gb graphics Card..
And Which laptop do u have..?
Girl: A lovely pink coloured……..

4. A boss was telling an applicant the two main rules of the company..
He said,
"Our 2nd main rule is cleanliness. Did you wipe your feet on the mat before coming in?"
The applicant replied, "Yes sir! I did."
Then the boss said," Our 1st main rule is trustworthiness.
There was no mat!"

5. Two Tigers were resting under a tree..
Suddenly a RABBIT passed very fast
Tiger could not make out & asked
"What was that?"
2nd Tiger smiled and said:
Fast Food..

6. Husband SMS His Wife: "Hi, What You Doing Darling?"
Wife: "I'm dying"
Husband Jumps With Joy But Types: "Oh My Dear, How Can I Live Without You?"
Wife: "You Idiot I'm Dying My Hair"
Husband: "Bloody English"

7. A man meets an accident with his new Ferrari.
Policemen arrive.
Man: (cried) Officer! My brand new car!
Police replied:- You're such materialistic.
You even haven't notice that your left Arm has been cut off.
Man: (He looks at his left arm and yells.) OMG! My Rolex watch!.