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Paul Gaugin had to suffer just the way every creator suffers. Creativity is almost like pregnancy. The mother goes for nine months into deep troubled waters, and even after the birth of the child she is not free of responsibility. All creativity is a deep suffering, unless your creativity does not come out of the mind, but out of meditation. When it comes out of meditation, creativity is sharing the joy, sharing the blissfulness that you have.

Mind has no joy -- it is really a wound, very painful.

Paul Gaugin had no idea of any meditation, but he had a tremendous passion, almost a madness to create. And just to create, he dropped out of society, forgot all about his wife and children and responsibilities. He was possessed by the idea of creating. The possession was so total that he could not allow any distraction. But when you are possessed by something, you are working almost as a slave, and slavery cannot bring blissfulness.

All the creators in the West have passed through long years of suffering. Many of them have been forced to live in madhouses, and many of them have committed suicide. The suffering became too much, unbearable; they had to end their own life. But still the Western creator, either of meditation or of music, of painting or of dance, has not become aware of why he has to suffer.

In the East, the situation is totally different -- not a single creator has suffered. In fact only the creators have enjoyed life to its fullest. Not a single creator has been put into a madhouse, not a single creator has committed suicide; but creators have moved deeper into meditation, and many of them have become mystics. From painting, from music, from dance, they have moved deeper into their own being.

Western society lives under an affliction -- their ignorance about meditation; hence, whatever they do is out of the mind.

And mind is not the source of joy.

It can only create agony, but never ecstasy.

Mind is your hell.

So learn to be more meditative, and let your creativity be secondary to your meditativeness. Then you will have a totally different state of being -- that of ecstasy; and out of ecstasy, whatever is created has also some flavor of it.

In the West, perhaps Gurdjieff is the only man who has divided art into two sections: the objective art and the subjective art. Subjective art is from the mind, and is out of anguish. Objective art -- the TajMahal, the caves of Ellora and Ajanta, the temples of Khajuraho -- has come from meditative people. Out of their love, out of their silence, they wanted to share; it is their contribution to the world.

The Western artist has lived under a very heavy burden. It is time that he should be made aware that there is something more beyond mind. First reach to that beyond, and then you can create stars; and they will not only be a great joy to you, they will also be a great joy for those who see them.
The Golden Future, Chapter-23


The expert knows only his line, his dimension, and that is a very narrow one and it is becoming narrower every day, and he loses all contact with the whole of life. That's why we have destroyed the whole ecology of the earth. Our expertise is responsible for it, because ecology means thinking about the whole.

The carpenter is interested in wood, he knows about wood; he does not know anything about what the trees are doing. He is not aware that they attract clouds and rain, that they keep the earth together, that without them the earth will become a desert, that clouds will not come any more or even if they come they will pass without showering their rainwater. He is interested in wood, he knows about wood -- the texture of the wood, the beauty of the wood -- but he is not interested in the WHOLE phenomenon.

So we went on cutting forests. Now we are suffering immensely, because trees are a must The whole climate is disturbed, not only the climate but the whole atmosphere, because trees breathe in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and they breathe out oxygen which we breathe in. We need oxygen, they need carbon dioxide; we are interdependent. If trees disappear, oxygen disappears, and then the air becomes more and more polluted with carbon dioxide which is not needed by your hearts, by your lungs, by your bodies. Already there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, which is dangerous to health.

But the woodcutter or the carpenter has no vision; his whole interest is in the wood. The woodcutter is interested in how to find out more efficient ways to cut the wood. The person who knows about the oxygen and hydrogen and carbon dioxide knows nothing about wood and its texture; he knows nothing about the carpenter. He goes on working in HIS direction, the other goes on working in HIS direction, and they go on destroying the ecology.

Ecology means the interdependent cycle of existence. Everything depends on everything else; nothing is absolutely independent, cannot be. We are parts, very small parts, cogs in a wheel. Somebody has to know about the wheel; of course, the man who knows about the wheel will not be able to compete with any expert because he will know less and less about more and more.

And the ultimate state of Buddhahood is knowing nothing about all. And what will the ultimate state of the scientist, the expert be? -- knowing all about nothing. That is the logical consequence. If science is knowing more and more about less and less, then what will the ultimate result be? -- knowing all about nothing! It is becoming narrower, narrower, narrower, and there iS only one point left: nothing, zero.

And religion is knowing less and less about more and more, and what will the ultimate state be? -- knowing nothing about all. That's what Dionysius calls AGNOSIA. That's why Socrates says, "I know only one thing, that I know nothing." But that does not mean that Socrates did not make statements about politics. He did, and he suffered for that!

And I know that I will suffer, but now nothing can be taken away from me. Even if my life is taken away, nothing is taken away from me. So I AM going to make statements about everything, and that's really sticking to my own work. I am not entering into anybody's field. I am not an active politician and I am never going to be. I am not going to paint, I am not going to compose poetry, I am not going to write a novel. But I will go on making statements about every dimension so that I can give you a total vision of how it looks from far above, from the clouds, like when you sit on a cloud and look at the earth.

The first man who walked on the moon, his greatest surprise was not the moon: his greatest surprise was to look at the whole earth as one single unit. For a moment he forgot that "I am American." For a moment there was no America, no India, no Russia. He shouted, "My earth!" The earth was whole. Of course, from that distance the earth is one; all political boundaries disappear because they are only on the maps.

In fact, every child should be taken to the moon and should be shown the whole earth as whole. That will be real teaching of geography. What you are teaching in the name of geography is politics, not geography. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, this is not geography; this has nothing to do with the earth, this has something to do with politics. You are just teaching them nonsense. Let them go to the moon and from the moon let them see the earth as one whole. Of course, they will not be knowing much about India or China. As they go higher above, farther away, they will be knowing less and less about more and more, but they will have a comprehensive view.
Guida Spirituale, Chapter-12


The education that has existed up to now has not been true. It has not served humanity; on the contrary, it has served the vested interests. It has served the past. The teacher has been an agent of the past. He functions as a mediator to give past beliefs, orientations, assumptions to the coming generation -- to contaminate, to pollute the new consciousness that is arising on the horizon.

That's why the teacher has been respected by all the societies. It serves the establishment. It reduces people to skillful robots, it reduces people to efficient machines. That's what education has been up to now.

And because of education, man's evolution has been very haphazard, zig-zag. But up to now there was no other way, because there was one thing in the past: knowledge grew SO slowly that it was almost the same for centuries. So the teacher was very very efficient in doing his job. Whatsoever was known was almost static; it was not growing.

But now there is a knowledge explosion. Things are changing so fast that the whole education system has become outdated, outmoded. It has to be dropped, and a totally new education system has to come into existence. Only now is it possible -- up to now it was not possible.

You will have to understand what I mean by 'the knowledge explosion'. Imagine a clock face with sixty minutes on it. These sixty minutes represent three thousand years of human history; or each minute, fifty years; or each second, approximately one year. On this scale there were no significant media changes until about nine minutes ago. At that time the printing press came in. About three minutes ago, the telegraph, photograph, and the locomotive. Two minutes ago, the telephone, rotary press, motion pictures, automobile, airplane and radio. One minute ago, the talking picture. Television has appeared in the last ten seconds, the computer in the last five, and the communication satellites in the last second. The laser beam appeared only a fraction of a second ago.

This is what some people call 'the knowledge explosion'. Change is not new; what is new is the DEGREE of change. And that makes all the difference, because at a certain point quantitative changes become qualitative changes.

If you heat water, up to ninety-nine point nine degrees it is still water -- maybe hot, but still water. Just point one degree more is needed and the water starts evaporating, and there happens a qualitative change. Just a few seconds before, the water was visible, now it is invisible. Just a few seconds before, the water was flowing downwards, now it is rising upwards. It has transcended the pull of gravitation, it is no more under the law of gravitation.

Remember, at a certain point the quantitative change becomes qualitative. And that's what has happened. Change is not new, it is not news; change has always been happening. But the RATE of change is immensely new; it has not happened like this before.

The difference between a fatal and a therapeutic dose of strychnine is only a matter of degree -- that's what Norbert Wiener says. The poison can function as a medicine in a smaller dose, but the same medicine will become fatal if you give a bigger dose. At a certain point it is no more medicine, it is poison.

Change is so tremendous now that the teacher cannot serve any more in the past style, education cannot serve any more in the past way. The past way was to help people to memorize. Education up to now has not been education in intelligence but only in memory, in remembrance. The past generation transferred all its knowledge to the new generation, and the new generation was to remember it. So people who had good memories were thought to be intelligent.

That is not necessarily so. There have been geniuses whose memory was almost nil. Albert Einstein didn't have a good memory. There have been people whose memory was miraculous, but they had no intelligence at all.

Memory is a mechanical thing in your mind. Intelligence is the consciousness. Intelligence is part of your spirit, memory is part of your brain. Memory belongs to the body, intelligence belongs to you.

Intelligence has to be taught now, because change is so fast that memory won't do. By the time you have memorized something it is already out of date. And that is what is happening: the education is failing, universities are failing, because they still go on persisting in the old way. They have learnt a trick; for three thousand years they have been doing this, and now they have learnt it so deeply that they don't know what else they can do.

Now, just giving old information to the children, which will not make them capable of living in the future but will hamper their growth, is dangerous. Now they need intelligence to live with the fast change that is happening.

Just one hundred years ago, there were millions of people who had never gone outside of their town, or never went more than fifty miles away from their town. Millions lived in the same place for ever, from birth to death. Now everything is changing. In America the average person lives only three years in one place, and that is exactly the time limit for marriage too -- three years. Then one starts changing one's town, one's job, one's wife, one's husband.

This is a totally new world that you are living in. And your education simply makes you walking encyclopaedias, but outdated. The difference is not new -- what is new is the degree of change.

On our clock face about three minutes ago there developed a qualitative difference in the character of change: change changed.

We have to teach intelligence now, so that we can make the children capable of living with the new things which will be happening every day. Don't burden them with that which is not going to be of any use in the future. The old generation has not to teach what it has learnt; the old generation has to help the child to be more intelligent so that he can be capable of spontaneously responding to the new realities which will be coming. The old generation cannot even dream about them, what those realities will be.

Your children may be living on the moon; they will have a totally different atmosphere to live in. Your children may be living in the sky, because the earth is becoming too populated. Your children may have to live underground or under the sea. Nobody knows how your children will have to live. They may live only on tablets, vitamin pills... they will be living in a totally different world. So it is of no use just to go on giving them encyclopaedic knowledge from the past. We have to prepare them to face new realities.

We have to prepare them in awareness, in meditativeness. Then education will be true. Then it will not serve the past and the dead; it will serve the future. It will serve the living.

In my vision, to be true the education has to be subversive, rebellious. Up to now it has been orthodox, up to now it has been part of the establishment. True education has to teach things which NO other institution does. It has to become the anti-entropy business.

The state, the establishment and all the institutions of the society, all prevent growth -- remember it. Why do they prevent growth? Because every growth brings challenge, and they are settled. And who wants to be unsettled? Those who are in power would not like anything new to happen, because that will change the power balance. Those who are in power would not like any new thing to be released, because the new thing will make new people powerful. Each new knowledge brings new power into the world. And the older generation would not like to lose its grip, its domination.

Education has to serve revolution. But ordinarily it serves the government and the priest and the church. In a very subtle way, it prepares slaves -- slaves for the state, slaves for the church. The real purpose of education should be to subvert outmoded attitudes, beliefs and assumptions which no more serve growth and man, and are positively harmful and suicidal.
Philosophia Perennis, Vol-2

Einstein the Buddha

Einstein had one of the most beautiful minds. Did he abuse it? Do you think the scientists who have created great technology and destroyed the whole ecology of the earth have used their minds or abused them?

If one day this planet earth is going to die, it will be because of the great minds of the twentieth century -- because if in the whole history of humanity there have been a hundred scientists, ninety-nine happen to be alive in the twentieth century. In fact seventy-five percent of the great scientists of all the ages are alive now.

Mind has gathered such a great momentum. We have created great technology within the last hundred years, particularly within these last ten years, but that technology is going to destroy this earth. Who will be responsible? And what will you say? The scientists used the mind or abused it?

If you ask me, I will say they were not masters of their minds. They neither used nor abused the mind; the mind used them, abused them.

Science now needs great meditators, otherwise this earth is doomed. Science now needs people who can use their minds, who are masters of their being, who can use science in a conscious way. Otherwise we are on the verge of committing universal suicide.

Man cannot live for more than twenty-five years the way he has lived up to now, unless a drastic change is made. And the greatest thing that can be of help, which can help humanity to survive, and the earth to still go on living.... And this is a beautiful earth. Compared to this earth millions and millions of stars are just dead: no flowers bloom, no rivers flow, there are no birds, no animals, no people. This universe is almost a great desert. This earth is alive! Something tremendously important -- consciousness -- has happened here. But this consciousness is still not a master, it is a slave. It has to be freed.

That's my work here, my basic fundamental work: to help you be free of the mind so that you can use it. And if you are the master, you cannot abuse it; that is impossible. When you are alert, conscious, meditative, abuse is not possible.

If Einstein had also been a buddha, there would have been atomic energy but no atom bombs, and atomic energy would have become a blessing -- the greatest blessing ever. The earth would have become a paradise. But Albert Einstein is not a buddha; unfortunately he knows nothing of meditation -- a great mind, but the master is missing; a great mechanism, a great airplane without the pilot.
The Book of Wisdom, Chapter-2


If you want to enter meditation time should not be of concern to you. If you are in a hurry then nothing is possible, and this has become a most deeply rooted problem for the modern man. The West has made people too time-conscious, not knowing where they are going, but speeding to get there because time is short.

I have heard: Once a pilot communicated on the intercom to his passengers: It seems everything has gone wrong: the radar is not functioning, the radio is out of order, even the compass has ceased to function; but don't be worried, we are keeping the same speed.

But this is what is happening to the modern mind: everything is out of order except speed. Where are you going? For what are you going? Of course, you are going fast, but you are going so fast that you have no time to look at where you are going and why you are going there.

People come to me and they say:  I can stay here only one day. is meditation possible? They ask: Can you give me something so that I can know the Divine? They are childish, juvenile -- they have not grown up at all. They don't know what they are saying.

Is God something one can give to you as a gift? Is God a certain technique, so that the formula can be given to you and you can work it out later on? Is He something like a material key that can be given to you and you can unlock the door? This search needs tremendous patience, infinite patience. This is the first requirement -- you should simply forget about time.

What is time? It is a very anxious state of mind: you are too much worried about tomorrow, too much worried about the future, too much worried about the past. You are pulled in these two opposite directions, the past and the future, and you are worried because you have not gained anything in the past. You are worried: Who knows? The same may also happen in the future as has happened in the past -- nothing. You have achieved in the past, and it may be that you may not achieve anything in the future, so you are in a hurry. But just hurry won't help because it disturbs you.

The modern man is farther away from God not because he is more materialistic, no. Man has always been materialistic, he has to be, because a man is ninety-nine percent body. Man has always been materialistic -- this is nothing new.

Is it because of too much scientific training and education? No, science is not against God. It may not be for God, but it is not at all against God. It simply says: God is not my concern at all; He is not. They exist on different planes. Science cannot say yes or no to God; they are not moving in the same dimension, the dimensions differ. So science has not made man atheistic.

Then what is making people atheistic, farther away from God? No, not Communism. Communism may have created new gods, but it has not destroyed the old one -- it cannot. Communism itself is a religion. Then what? To me, it is time-consciousness, which is a new factor in the world, a new factor in human consciousness which is creating trouble. And it has become particularly deep-rooted in Christianity and Judaism; it has become very, very deep-rooted. And the cause of it is that Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they are all three from the same source -- Judaism. All three are Jewish.

In the world there are in fact only two religions: one is Hindu, the other is Judiac. Mohammedanism and Christianity come out of Jewish source -- just off-shots. Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism comes out of Hinduism; they are just off-shots.

There is a deep-rooted problem in Jewish thinking, and that is: they deny rebirth; they deny the theory of a circle of births. They believe in only one life and that dominates the West. If there is only one life, then you will be in a hurry, because time is short and too many things have to be done; you cannot move at ease. That's why so much speed: everything is moving fast, everybody is worried that life is slipping out of their hands and you have only one life.

In the East it is believed that you have millions of lives: there is no hurry, time is not short, no need to be worried about it; enough to waste and even enough always there is reserve -- it is eternal. You will be born again and again, again and again -- it is a circle; you go, you come again, you go, you come again, so there is no need to be worried about time. That's why in the eyes of the West the East looks lethargic, lazy, not doing anything. Nobody is worried, people can relax under the trees -- no hurry; but this no-hurry helps religion. The mind which is too time-conscious may create many materialistic miracles but it will miss the inner dimension. Because the inner dimension is approached only when you are absolutely patient. You will miss many things if you are patient, that is right, but you will never miss yourself.

If you want to create an empire of things, possessions, then be in a hurry; then think that time is money and very precious, and use it to create more and more things. But you will be lost. When you die you will have piled a great empire of things, but dying, you will come to realize that you have not achieved anything. The whole effort has been a failure because unless you achieve yourself, nothing is achieved. Unless you come to yourself, you have not come to any point. Life may have been a journey, but you have not reached the goal.

So about this you have to decide; you have to drop time-consciousness. Simply forget about time, time is always available. It is not like money, it is like the sky -- it is always available, you cannot exhaust it, so don't run. You can sit at ease, you can relax, you can sit like a Buddha. Look at the statue of Buddha, sitting as if there is no time. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry.
Returning to the Source, Chapter-7

Zorba the Buddha

If we want a whole man -- and to me a whole man is the only holy man -- then Zorba has to be absorbed into Buddha. They have to be accepted totally as one. And I don't see where the trouble is. In fact, Zorba plus Buddha will be a tremendous enrichment.

Buddha cannot laugh, cannot dance, cannot sing, cannot love. Now what kind of life will it be? Hollow!

Zorba can sing, dance, enjoy food, drink, love. He will have a life, but he will not know who he is. He will not know the meaning of existence. He will never come to experience the deathlessness of life, the eternity of his existence -- that he has been here always, and will be always; only forms change. He will never enter into his own center. He will always remain in the cyclone, very busy, concerned with everything except himself.

And the center of the cyclone is the most ecstatic experience, the ultimate experience of human consciousness. Beyond that there is nothing; you have arrived home. But I don't see that there is any problem, there is no contradiction. You can arrive home, you can be at your center -- what prevents you from laughing? In fact, you should be the only one who can really laugh, can become laughter; who can really love, can become love itself -- where the lover disappears and only love remains; one who can dance and dance to such abandon that the dancer is completely gone, there is only dance.

This is my effort:

To bring Zorba the Buddha into the world.

That will create a unity in you; your body and soul will have a unity. You will not have to fight against your nature, you can use it as a stepping stone. There is no need to fight, there is no need to repress.

All psychological diseases are out of repression. All psychopathological people are just incurable unless they accept their nature totally, without any grudge. You have to use your natural energies to grow. It will bring man into a totality.

All religions have made you schizophrenic, split. They have created guilt in you by creating a split; it is their whole business. Only a guilty man will go to church, will go to the synagogue, will go to the temple; otherwise there is no need.

If you are one, you would like to dance in the open air under the sun. That will be your real prayer. Nothing is said, nothing is asked, but you are showing your gratitude to existence.

Zorba the Buddha will not only destroy the split in man, it will destroy the split in society.
From Bondage to Freedom, Chapter-13