Oshodham & Osho World Galleria : Online Magazine - August 15 to September 15, 2012

1. A LION suddenly bounced on Santa's wife.
WIFE: Shoot him! Shoot him!
SANTA: Yes Yes. I’m changing the battery of my camera..

2. Santa - My wife died yesterday.
I'm trying to cry but tears are not come out,
what to do?
Banta - No Problem.
Just Imagine she Came Back.

3. An architect was having a difficult time with Jack, a prospective home-builder. "But can't you give some idea," he pleaded, "of the general type of house you want to build, Jack?"
"Well," replied Jack hesitantly, "all I know is: it must go with an antique doorknob my wife bought the other day."

4. As a pretty girl passed by, the husband turned to look. His wife said with a pout, "Every time you see a pretty girl you forget you are married."
Husband replied "That's where you are wrong,”, "Nothing makes me more aware of the fact!"

5. Danny listened very attentively while a stranger told a long story in the coffee-house. But the man spoke so indistinctly and muffed his punch line so badly that the story was not funny at all, and except for the Danny no one laughed. But this man Danny laughed heartily.
"Why did you laugh, Danny?" everyone asked him afterwards when the stranger had left.
"I always do," replied Danny. "If you don't laugh, there is always the danger of their telling it over again."

6. A young man was talking to a woman and saying great things, was getting very romantic. He was saying, "Your eyes -- never, never have they happened before. And your face -- it is just like the moon. And the glow that surrounds you, and the vibe that you create -- it is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened." And he went on and on.
And, of course, as women are very practical, the woman asked, "Are you going to marry me?"The man said, “Please, doesn’t change the subject!"