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Entertainment or Celebration

Entertainment has taken the place of celebration in the present world. But entertainment is quite different from celebration; entertainment and celebration are never the same. In celebration you are a participant; in entertainment you are only a spectator. In entertainment you watch others playing for you. So while celebration is active, entertainment is passive. In celebration you dance, while in entertainment you watch someone dancing, for which you pay him. But there is a world of difference between dancing and watching a dance performed by a group of professionals who are paid for it. You work hard during the day, and when you are tired in the evening you go to a concert to watch others dancing. It is all you can do, but it is not even an apology for celebration.

Albert Camus has said that the time is very near when we will have servants to make love on our behalf, because we don't have time for love. We are so busy we don't have time for love; we will employ others to do this job for us. Love is a celebration, but for workaholics it has become a superfluous thing. It does not yield any profits; it does not add to their bank balances. Love is an end unto itself; it cannot be turned into a business. So those who are addicted to work think it a waste of time to indulge in love. A kind of secretary can be asked to deal with it and dispose of it.

Obsession with work has taken away the moments of celebration from our life, and we have been deprived of the excitement and thrill that comes with celebration. That is why nobody is happy, nobody is cheerful, nobody is blossoming. That is why suffering has become the badge of mankind.

We had to find a substitute for celebration, and entertainment is that substitute, because we do need a few moments of relaxation, a brief spell of diversion. But entertainment is a very poor substitute, because others do it and we are only spectators. It is like the vicarious pleasure we derive from watching someone in love. This is precisely what you do when you watch a movie. You watch a man and woman loving each other and you enjoy it vicariously. It is a false substitute; it is utterly useless. It is not going to give you a taste of love; it is not going to satiate your thirst for love. On the other hand, your disaffection and torment will deepen and land you in still greater misery.

For God's sake, know love directly, enter into it, and only then you will be satiated and happy. Real love alone can make life festive, entertainment won't.

Krishna is all for celebration; he takes life as a great play, a mighty drama. The work-addicts have, instead of doing any good to the world, only created confusion and complication in the life of man. They have made life so complex that living has become extremely hard and painful.

It is true that devotees of Rama, like Hanumana, seem to be strong, active and sincere people, the devotees of Krishna are not so. Meera goes about dancing and singing, but she does not seem to be as dynamic as Hanumana. She cannot be. The reason is that while Rama takes life seriously, believes life is all work, Krishna is non-serious and takes life as a dance, a celebration. And life as celebration is a different thing altogether. Life as work pales in insignificance before it. If you are asked to spend twenty-four hours in the company of Hanumana you will think twice. You would want to run away from him if you were made to live in the same room with him for a long while. But you can live with Meera joyfully for any length of time.

It is true that Krishna's lovers gradually withdrew themselves from the world of outer activity, from the world of extroversion. They dived deep into the interiority of life and drank at the fountain of its bliss. This is as it should be, because Krishna knows how, when you lose yourself in its outer activities, you are missing life itself.

It will be a peaceful and happy world that will abound with Meera’s. And a world full of Hanuman’s will be a restless and warring world, a sorry world. If it comes into being, wrestling rings will appear all over and society will be ridden with conflict and strife. We can accommodate one or two Hanuman’s; more than that would be too much. But any number of Meera’s will be welcome. Meera is in contact with life at its deeper levels; Hanumana lives at the surface. Hanumana is nothing more than a faithful servant, a volunteer; he is just serving his master. He is, of course, sincere, persevering and hard-working. Meera is a class by herself; she is rare. Her bliss, her ecstasy comes from being, not from doing. For her, just being is festive and joyous. Her song, her dance, is not a piece of work for her, it is an expression of her bliss, her ecstasy. She is so blissful that she is bursting into song and dance.

I would like this world to be more and more filled with song and dance, with music and festivity. And so far as the external world, the world of extroversion and action is concerned, we should go into it only to the extent needed for our inward journey. More than that is not necessary. We need bread, but bread is not everything. We need bread to live, but there are people who go on stockpiling bread and, in the meantime, forget all about eating and living. By the time they succeed in making a mountain of bread their appetite is gone and they don't know what to do with the huge stock.
The Man and The Philosophy, Chapter-7

Celebration: A Prayer out of Gratitude

Celebration is the highest growth of consciousness, expression, manifestation, flowering of the Golden Flower.

I teach you celebration. Celebration is my key.

And I teach you: celebrate your sex, it is a God-given gift. Celebrate your body, it is God's grace. Celebrate each moment that has been given to you, each breath, each heartbeat. It is such a benediction. Live God right now! I don't give you God as a goal; I make God available to you right now, this very moment. Celebrate, and you are in God.

The old religions were sad. The old religions were serious. My religion is that of playfulness: everything has to be taken into the mood of playfulness. Don't take life seriously; it is fun. And to take it as fun is to be prayerful. Then there is no complaint, then there is only gratefulness. The question is important. A few things would be helpful.

There are people who are pathological, and the pathological mind has dominated in the past. Those people cannot enjoy; they don't know how to enjoy. Because they are incapable of enjoying, they make a great virtue out of it. Non-enjoyment becomes virtue.

Everybody is born with the capacity to enjoy, but not with the art. People think just because they are alive and they breathe and they exist, they know how to enjoy. That is sheer stupidity. Enjoyment is a great art, it is a great discipline. It is as subtle a discipline as music or poetry or painting. It is the greatest creativity. People are born and they start thinking that they are ready to enjoy life, and they cannot enjoy because they don't know how to enjoy it. They make a mess out of their lives, and sooner or later, when-you are making a mess, there are only two possibilities. One is: think that you are being stupid with life; that hurts the ego. The other is: that life is worthless, that life is misery, that there is no joy in life -- "That's why I am not enjoying it. Nothing is wrong with me; if there is something wrong, it is in the very structure of life itself." This has been the approach in the past: "If I cannot see light, then there is no light" -- not that I am blind. "If I cannot hear sound, then there is no sound" -- not that I am deaf.

One has to imbibe it. It takes years of preparation, it takes years of cleansing. To hear classical music just for the first time, and think that you don't enjoy it so forget all about it, would be stupid. Your ears need a certain discipline, only then can they understand the subtle. The gross is available. It is easy to be with the gross because it is animal. But to move into the deeper realms of life one needs great discipline, great meditativeness, great prayerfulness, great gratitude.

And the basic thing to remember is: if life is not becoming a celebration, then something is wrong with you, not with life itself The old religions said life is wrong. I make you responsible, not life. Life is God. And from there the whole process changes; then something has to be cleaned in you.Life is a celebration, and unless one understands it as celebration one goes on missing god. To connect with the divine, the only bridge is celebration. It is only in the moments when you are utterly drunk with joy that you are close to god. In those festive moments when life is not a burden somehow to be carried but a song to be sung, in those moments when you are on holiday, with no worry of the world, with no mind, when you are utterly in the moment, in tune, you start breathing god in and out.

That is really the meaning of holiday: when the day is holy, when it is a moment of festivity. Then suddenly a new vision opens up. Life is not seen as wholly material; it becomes luminous with the divine. Trees are alive and so are rocks; then everything is transparent and of tremendous splendour.

Remember: animals can play but only man can celebrate. It is man's privilege and prerogative; no other animal can celebrate. Yes, they can play, but play is one thing and celebration is totally another. Celebration is thankfulness; it is prayer out of gratitude. It is recognition of the gift that has been given to us... it is understanding. It is overflowing love for god who has done so much for us. Just to be alive is so festive. Even for a single moment to feel the rain and to see the sun and to be on the beach, even for a single moment to see the stars, is enough for a person to become religious.

Life is not a fasting, it is a continuous feast -- a celebration, a festival of lights.

Love transforms your life into a festival of lights.

And unless your life becomes a feast and a festival, remember: you have not done the thing you have come for on this earth.
The Secret of Secret, Chapter-15