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1. 9000 hours of recorded talks in English and Hindi.
2. 1800 hours of Osho Video Discourse.
3. Osho's words and writings resulted in more than 600 original titles to his name. In total, over 2,000 book titles have been published in more than 80 languages.
4. Every 3 minutes one of Osho’s book is published around the globe.
5. There are more than 1000 Osho’s meditation and information centers around the world.

Oshoworld.com is a one stop portal for all of Osho’s literature in the form of audio discourse and e-books. It offers the ultimate 'Osho' experience. You can read an online Osho World magazine, know about sannyas, learn more of meditation and forthcoming meditation camps at Osho Dham and also meditation events at Osho World Galleria, read tarot. Site also offers the biography of our Beloved Master Osho.

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