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Anger : Control or Transformation
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OSHO : The Razor's Edge, Chapter 22

Master, I have an ungovernable temper--how can I cure it?

"Even while anger is happening, if you suddenly become conscious it drops. Try it. Just in the middle, when you are feeling very hot and would like to commit murder, suddenly become aware, and you will feel something has changed: a gear inside -- you can feel the click. Something has changed, now it is no more the same thing. Your inner being has relaxed. It may take time for your outer layer to relax, but the inner being has already relaxed. The cooperation is broken; now you are not identified."

Complete Commentary

Main Themes: The Problem of Anger - Commentary on a story about the Zen Master, Bankei
Including: Moralists and conditioning - a buddha - control vs. awareness - eating peacefully - suppression, expression and transformation - condemnation - identification - Gandhi - the Bankei sutra - a story - transforming anger - A Gurdjieff trick - Freud or Bankei? - Cyberpillow talk - psychoanalysis or meditation - A Buddha story

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