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On the Issue of Going "Back to Nature"
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As most people in modern Europe look at their landscape, they find that the cities they live in vary from inhospitable to frankly dangerous; that the jobs they do are dull, boring, and meaningless; that the relationships they have are tolerable at the best, and love is a rarity; and that the future holds very little to look forward to. How long will it take for people to realize that one of the root causes of this stupid catastrophe is that they have no leaders who are capable of bowing down to wisdom?

"The world is big enough still -- people can move. They have moved to the cities because they are center of money. If they understand only one thing -- that money cannot buy anything of value, and you have lost everything, running after money.... Go back! Go to the world where you belong -- to the trees, to the animals, to the rivers, to the mountains."

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Main Themes: urbanization - the decision makers - the common man and common sense Including: boredom - the vested interests - technology - alienation - territorial imperative


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