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God -- Dead, or Just Missing in Action?
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Commentary on T.S. Eliot's Choruses from "The Rock"

"The civilized man has lost something because now we live in the man-made world where it is almost impossible to find any signature of God. How can you find God on asphalt roads? They don't grow, they don't breathe. How can you find God in cement structures? They are not alive! How can you find God in machines, in technology?--although it is great, even the greatest machine cannot give you the sense of the mysterious, of the miraculous. Even facing the greatest machine you cannot feel awe, you cannot feel reverence, you cannot feel like falling on your knees and praying. And if you cannot feel like falling on your knees and praying once in a while, how can God remain a part of your being? How can you remain alert, aware of the divine?"

Complete Commentary

Main Themes: God - Meaninglessness - Science & Religion - T.S. Eliot
Including: Creativity - Poetry - Nature - Technology - Hanuman - Rama & Sita - Ramdas


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