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Relaxation is Just Being Natural
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How can one get out of the trap the mind creates of never being quite blissful in the moment, and being patient, letting the grass grow by itself? I'm always wanting to move faster, to push the river, and missing the beauty of it taking me in its own time. Would you please comment?

"The West has the idea that there is just one small life. It created great tension and anxiety, but it created technology, scientific developments, richness, comfort, luxuries; it created everything. But the man inside was lost, because he was always running. He was never where he was; he was always going for something else. And that goal where you can stop never comes. So in the West people have means of speed, and they are going fast. But don't ask them, "Where are you going?" Don't waste their time in asking such stupid questions! All that matters is that they are going fast; it does not matter where they are going and why they are going."

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