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Sex : Coming to Our Senses -- the 4 Stages of Sexuality
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OSHO : Rinzai Master of The Irrational, Chapter 2

Give us your views on sex and its role in transcendence.
(R.K. Karanjia, editor, Blitz)

"The priests have tremendously harmed the human heart, human consciousness. They have put this poisonous idea in man that life is something ugly.... I am bringing a new vision of religion to the world. Accept life in its multidimensions, enjoy it, celebrate it, rejoice in it. Renunciation is not my way, but rejoicing. Fasting is not my way, but feasting. And to be festive is to be religious. My definition of religion is the festive dimension. Celebrate your sex, it is a God-given gift. Celebrate your body, it is God's grace. Celebrate each moment that has been given to you, each breath, each heartbeat. It is such a benediction."

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Main Themes: 4 Stages of Sex - Religious Exploitation - Celebration - The Body Including:
life-negative religions - Mulla Nasruddin story - guilt and enslavement - feasting not fasting - the art of enjoyment - the shrinks - repression and indulgence - your senses - the first stage of sex - the second stage of sex - the third stage of sex - the fourth stage of sex - from sex to superconsciousness - armies - Charles Coburn - the lotus in the mud


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