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Utopia -- Impossible Dream or Beautiful Reality?
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Man seems to have a longing for utopia. But realists say it is never going to happen. Can you please comment?

"The idea of utopia has been following man like a shadow for thousands of years. But somehow it got mixed up with the changing of society; the individual never got looked at. The individual is the root cause of all the problems -- but because the individual seems to be so small and the society seems so big, people think that we can change society, and then the individuals will change.

"This is not going to be so -- because "society" is only a word; there are only individuals, there is no society. The society has no soul -- you cannot change anything in it. You can change only the individual, howsoever small he appears. And once you know the science of how to change the individual, it is applicable to all the individuals everywhere."

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