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Chapter 85

I stay for five years at my home in Bombay with my father and my old grandmother. I continue my job and visit Poona almost every weekend. Whenever possible, I would take a long leave from the office for a month or so to spend time in Poona. I am amazed to see the people from all over the world coming to Poona and getting initiated into sannyas. Osho's insight into the future is coming true. He has said in Bombay, "Thousands are on their way to come to me. "

Osho is speaking every morning, one month in Hindi and one month in English. Every evening He meets people individually to answer their personal questions and initiates others into sannyas by giving them new names and malas. Lots of new meditation centers are opened by sannyasins around the world.

His message is spreading fast in Bombay also. My only joy is to introduce more and more people to Osho. When I talk to new people about Osho, I realize some unknown energy is using me as a medium. I say things, which I have never even thought of and I myself listen to it for the first time.

Audio tapes of Osho's discourses arrive in Bombay every day, and groups of friends listen at different places. I am glad to observe that I am no longer physically attached with Osho. The connection with Osho has gone deeper. In my meditations, l feel surrounded by His presence. Whenever I come to Poona, mostly I have this opportunity to meet Him in evening darshan. In one of these darshan meetings He tells me that I have to stay one more year in Bombay.

I am taking care of my old grandmother who is bed ridden. Listening to Osho's message, I realize that may be my grandmother will survive for one more year and I have to be with her to finish my past karma with her. My own mother died when I was six years old and my grandmother took care of me with much love for all those years. She never imposed any of her ideas on me. In the name of love, she allowed me full freedom to be myself, not conditioning my mind with any ideologies. I can say l was brought up as a wild child doing my thing in my own way. My heart is full of love and gratitude towards her. I can't leave her in this condition at any cost, otherwise I will feel guilty my whole life for escaping from the situation. Five years ago when Osho told me to stay at my home this was not clear to me. But Osho can see through us, which we are not even aware of.

To my astonishment, my grandmother dies after eleven months. After her death, I stay one more month at my home and then come to Poona for Osho's enlightenment day celebration. I inform Laxmi about my grandmother's death and the next day I get a message from Osho that I am not to go back anymore. My heart starts dancing with joy. I feel as if someone has opened the door of a cage and I am out to fly in the open sky again. Finally, my time has come and now I will be staying near my master again.

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