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Chapter 90

Osho is speaking In Hindi in Buddha Hall, which is full with sannyasins, and a few visitors are allowed to sit in the back. As usual I am listening to Him with my eyes closed. Suddenly there is a noise of some metal falling on the floor near the podium. Osho stops speaking. I open my eyes and look around. For a while, I can't understand what is going on. I see a few sannyasins holding a man who is trying to come near the podium and is shouting to Osho. Osho calmly says to the sannyasins, "Don't do anything. Just take him out of here." There is silence for a few minutes. The man is taken out and Osho continues his discourse as if nothing has happened. Later on I come to know that the man had tried to kill Osho by throwing a knife, which fell down near the podium not hurting anyone. After a few days we find that it was a conspiracy of politicians and priests to murder Osho. The man who attempted to kill Osho is released by the court without any punishment and the case is closed.

Osho continues His discourse every day as usual. He is the most fearless and daredevil man I have ever met. Certainly He has experienced His source of eternal life, but we who love Him want to take care of His body which is so precious for us. Soon metal detectors are arranged at the entrance of Buddha Hall. Everyone entering Buddha Hall has to pass through it.

The presence of sannyasins in Poona has provoked a lot of anger in the people around and they try to harass us in many ways. It has become difficult to walk alone in the streets at night. A few woman sannyasins have been raped by so-called gentlemen who are wandering in the streets with the intention of robbing and raping.

On the other hand, more and more people are arriving every day to join our caravan. We are short of space. Osho suggests to find a bigger place for a new commune, which should be in isolation where we can live in peace without disturbing the town people. All politicians and people in any power seem to be against Osho because He is pulling away their false masks and mirroring their ugly faces hidden behind. In spite of all the obstacles created by these people, Ma Laxmi is out to find a bigger place for a new commune.

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