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Ma Prem Ritambhara Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card Reader, Ma Prem Usha. Ma Usha has been writing columns over the years for leading periodicals and web sites. Ritambhara has received training from her and has been assisting her in all her work. Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi for the last seven years and continues to do so from her studio at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER: The only right and religious question is one: that is ‘ Who am I?' Because nobody can answer it, that’s why it is the only valid question - only you can answer it. Nobody can say who you are, only you; and you too only when you go deep into yourself, beyond all the labels that are sticking on your surface, says Osho, the Zen master.
ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

Golden Cups are arranged in the Tree of life pattern that suggests deep family roots, feelings and strong relationships. You are happy and satisfied in personal relationships and professional involvement this month but can expect some changes that look negative initially but prove to be beneficial in the end. You are rewarded with success in whatever aspect you choose to pursue, be it a matter of the heart or a matter of business. Deals, settlements and financial matters are arranged according to your wishes. You are the peacemaker in an ongoing family conflict. Parents and family can be supportive, also demanding. Beware of stagnation in work patterns and collaborations. Beware of pity, waste and dissipation. Over indulgence in food or drink or any other aspect is not advisable at this point. Be light and playful, also eat light and remain free and unburdened this winter. Lucky number is 10. Good colour is wine red.

TAURUS (April 21 May 21)

Love, romance and celebration change your mood to a happy one after a period of frustration this month. It’s best to be practical and realistic at this point as great ideas and expectations in which you invest time and energy do not actualize according to plan. Disruption in the work area is temporary and should be taken in your stride. There is duality and division as you deal with two situations at the same time. Over analyzing professional situations and personal relationships only causes stress. Your heart gives you the best answers and your intuition reveals uncanny insights. Beware of idle chatter and social gossip. It’s best to be light, playful and in touch with your sense of humour at this point. Friends, family and loved ones are supportive and understanding. This is an important time for growth and change. Celebrate your freedom. Centre within and gain spiritual strength. Lucky number is 10. Good colour is sky blue.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

A variety of activity and extensive travel is on the cards for you this month! Business expansion and promotion are on the cards! Your work structure remains intact despite your interest in different aspects. You come to a synthesis and the essence of the question itself when resolving a family issue. You need to persevere patiently in professional matters and not procrastinate or be laid back in order to achieve success and financial gain. You are able to deal and cope with delays in financial transactions and opposition in matters of the heart. Visitors and communications from overseas are exciting. Old friends and new connections come together as you celebrate and host a party around Christmas. Endings and new beginnings are on the cards this month! Personal relationships become more meaningful and romantic. A shopping spree brings great pleasure. Media exposure brings opportunity and abundance. Lucky number is 21. Good color is royal blue.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

You are blessed with mastery and agility to integrate resources and forces to achieve professional goals and targets this month. Overseas travel and communications are important in the wake of new business opportunities and contracts. You collaborate with professionals and partners to realize ambitious goals and targets. Your actions are based on accurate calculation and you achieve success after making elaborate maneuvers. Good management and economy at home and at work keep your financial position in order. A personal relationship gains a deep and mystical quality, around Christmas celebrations this month. An unforgettable experience is on the cards as you integrate Yin (receptive) and Yang (dynamic) energies in perfect harmony and balance. A Sagittarius person gives you good counsel. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. You are much in demand socially with your gift of communication and charming manner. Sport, theater and the Arts are of great interest to you. Lucky number is 14. Good colour is peacock blue.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

You tend to go to extremes and over react emotionally in personal relationships and over emphasize views in professional situations this month. It's important to remain balanced and centered within to achieve a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. Your projections are confused by your emotions and you create hazy images of people and situations around you, preventing yourself from seeing reality or the truth. It’s time to take responsibility for your own expectations, desires, and judgments rather than attributing them to others. You can make breakthroughs and kick old habits or addictions, like smoking and drinking at this point. Love and understanding in a personal relationship transform your attitudes and priorities. It’s time to heal friendships with tender, loving care. A Scorpio person has a mystical attraction for you. A pleasure trip is on the cards! Finances, health and balance are restored at the end of the month. Lucky number is 7. Good colour is sea green.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

This month starts on a slow, gentle note and builds up momentum steadily. However, you are quick to respond, enthusiastic and easily attracted to external influences which may not be enduring and also lacking in depth. You are amiable in a passive sort of way during social activities and family celebrations. Business and professional matters are resolved effortlessly with your old mastery and expertise. You are emotional and sensitive in personal relationships. There is a reunion of old friends and associates, which takes you down memory lane and nostalgia. A shopping spree can set your budget aflutter. Avoid serious and heavy attitudes at work or in family situations as they only get you stuck and blocked. Parents and older relatives may need and demand attention. Artistic and creative pastimes are elevating. Water signs are close to you this month. Health needs care and finances need watching. Lucky number is 4. Good colour is sea blue.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

There is harmony at home and synergy at work, which enables you to achieve professional goals and take care of family responsibilities this month. There is intense joy and happiness in personal relationships as promises are fulfilled and commitments are honored. You share hospitality, warmth and a happy time with family and friends. You remain in touch with your sense of humour and manage to keep things light during heavy work schedules and formal meetings. Beware of waste, dissipation or over indulgence in food, drink or emotion. Participation in sport and pleasurable activity helps you to maintain good health. You are not interested in superficial connections but opt for meaningful relationships. You finally realize that being with others is beautiful and being alone is also beautiful. Coming together or parting is with a feeling of thankfulness at this point. Birth of an unconditional love, without any expectations or demands is on the cards! Lucky number is 2. Good colour is rose pink.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

You are likely to make a quality truce in personal relationships and a compromise in professional situations this month. It's best not to postpone what you want to do, as tomorrow never comes and you may feel incomplete and depressed if you don’t follow your heart now. Along with three others, you contribute in your individual ways towards a creative and productive professional nucleus and it is important for all to be at peace with each other. A family nexus is also important as decisions to support or reject members in their joint business ventures are taken now. Listing your priorities and choosing the right options can resolve inner conflicts. A new associate is unable to make a commitment, don’t depend on him. Health problems can be resolved with the help of a specialist. Balance should be maintained in all areas of life. Lucky number is 4. Good colour is emerald green.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 23)

The Sun and the Moon come together in full force to bring inner balance and outer harmony in your life during Christmas celebrations this month. Your personal strength lies in emotional commitment or marriage while your professional and material power lies in business partnership or collaboration. Your physical energy and health is restored as Yin (receptive) and Yang (dynamic) energies are in balanced manifestation. You achieve victory and success in a professional project after a period of opposition and strife. Another Sagittarian person gives you good advice. You can expect support when you need it, from people who matter. Business commitments and personal promises are honored. Your social life is busy and a pleasant surprise awaits you. Stability is achieved through change and adjustment in different aspects. It's time to stop being a workaholic and take a much needed break with the family to relax and unwind! Lucky number is 9. Good colours are deep blue and indigo.

CAPRICORN (December 24 - January 20)

You are brilliant, active and skillful in professional ventures and gain repute in your field of activity this month. You are given access to your intellectual power, professional expertise and a new perspective or vision for the future. Things are changing all around you as you entertain new opportunities and dimensions. You are likely to be a consultant or advisor, sharing your knowledge and experience with others. An older man recognizes your potential and offers you a lucrative assignment. You are loving and caring in established personal relationships and can expect loyalty and support therein. Beware of a crafty individual who can talk you into making a bad financial deal. Put financial investments on hold this month. You take time off for creative pastimes and sporty activity. You make important decisions for family and loved ones. Trust your intuition about people and situations. Lucky number is 18. Good colour is peacock blue.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

Endings and new beginnings are on the cards this month as the third eye of Lord Shiva opens for an infinitesimal moment to bring destruction in existing and settled situations. This enables restructuring of personal and professional situations and relationships. Certain happenings and revelations can throw you to begin with but prove to be gainful in the long run. It's best to look at new directions and be open to fresh opportunities. You are receptive in personal relationships and can make breakthroughs in redundant patterns and attitudes. Redecorating home and office spaces brings synergy and fresh ambiance. Inner values, priorities and attitudes are transformed. You modernize and streamline old systems and machinery for better production and quality. It's best to face opposition and competition, as you are strong and forthright in any controversial aspect. A higher perspective is needed to understand mystical aspects of life. Celebrate life. Lucky number is 16. Good colours are fiery reds.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Gift yourself the knack of responding totally to whatever comes, as it comes in life! Taking one step at a time with complete attention and energy brings vitality and creativity to all you do. You are likely to face opposition and conflict in the work area and rivalry or competition in personal and professional situations this month. Quarreling and infighting can be detrimental to production in business or harmony at home. Avoid cruel and violent people, as they tend to take up cudgels with you on non-issues. Friends, family and loved ones are generous and supportive. Your personal affairs may take time to resolve, be patient and persistent. A friend lends energy and resources to your business venture. Delay and complication in financial matters can be expected. Beware of an unwelcome visitor or admirer who may take advantage of you. Avoid confrontations in family conflicts. Lucky number is 5. Good colour is old rose.


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