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TAROT -November 2018
Ma Prem Ritambhara Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card Reader, Ma Prem Usha. Ma Usha has been writing columns over the years for leading periodicals and web sites. Ritambhara has received training from her and has been assisting her in all her work. Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi for the last seven years and continues to do so from her studio at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER : Be ordinary but bring a quality of awareness to your ordinary life. A man who is ready to live an ordinary life is an extraordinary man. Because to be extraordinary, to desire to be extraordinary, is a very ordinary desire. To relax and to be ordinary is really extraordinary says Osho, the Zen master.
ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

It's time to say a fond farewell to the past and stop dwelling on anything that may have hurt you. You tend to feel sad about a temporary separation or absence of a loved one. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder! There can be unexpected disturbance or disruption at work that clears up shortly. Discourage discord at work, which may be instigated by a disgruntled old employee. Promises are fulfilled in personal relationships and your faith restored. It's best not to isolate yourself but spend time with close friends and share feelings and ideas with loved ones. You may be tempted to blow your budget by splurging on a luxury and over indulging in food or drink while following a strict diet. Participation in sport, art or creative activity can be rejuvenating. Business deals and transactions are conducted honestly. Meditation is a therapeutic recommendation. Lucky number is 3. Good colour is silver gray.

TAURUS (April 21 Ė May 21)

You are brilliant, active and skillful in professional ventures and gain repute in your field of activity. You access your intellectual prowess, professional power and career prospects with a new vision for the future. Things are changing all around you as you entertain new opportunities and dimensions. You are likely to be a consultant or advisor, sharing your knowledge and experience with others. An older man recognizes your potential and offers you a lucrative assignment. You are loving and caring in established personal relationships and can expect loyalty and support therein. Beware of a crafty and clever individual who can talk you into making a bad financial deal. Put financial investments on hold. You are able to relax and take time off for creative pastimes. You make mature and balanced decisions for family and loved ones. Spend time in natural surroundings to feel rejuvenated. Lucky number is 18. Good colour is peacock blue.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

The Leo card in the Tarot pack lends you strength, energy and courage in personal and professional aspects. You seem to control the life force this month and achieve impossible tasks and challenges at work and breakthroughs in difficult family relationships. A great love affair keeps you involved and happy. You are mystical, attractive and admired among friends and acquaintances. You glow with all the attention you receive at this point. A Leo person is caring and supportive. Avoid theatrical and superficial people who could impress you for just a brief moment. Look deeper for meaningful relationships and truths. A shopping spree could burn a hole in your budget, be aware. You have the courage to be different and also be true to yourself, your friends values and priorities. Surprises and unexpected happenings are on the cards! Trust your intuition this month! Lucky number is 11. Good colour is golden yellow.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

You can expect some fame as you are seen, noted and heard this month. The planets around the Sun bless you with good luck, happiness and success, which you are able to share with a soul mate or partner. You are likely to work, or do business, with people from overseas. Your connections with America or Australia are progressive and lucrative at this point. You express creative ideas and plans. This is a time of endings and beginnings in relationships or friendships as values, priorities and attitudes change. Health and energy need to be conserved as you have too much to do this month. Itís important to spend time by yourself and meditate in natural surroundings after a busy day spent with people in multifarious activity. Witnessing the drama of life from a higher viewpoint gives you fresh insight and perspective. Lucky number is 19. Good colours are sun yellows.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

You maintain your position of power and financial security as business and professional situations stabilize. Property matters are settled according to your wishes, which relieve financial tension and anxiety. You are able to negotiate business deals and come to terms with conflicting ideas and interests in collaborations. Your winning strategy this month is one of pacific resistance rather than dynamic offensive. A Capricorn person is efficient and supportive in the work area. Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch your diet and fitness routines. Practical details and family conflicts can be resolved with a little effort. Travel overland is on the cards! Personal relationships are invaluable. It's a good idea to spend time with family and friends that you have been ignoring for some time. Turn inwards to connect with your inner beauty and bliss. Lucky number is 4. Good colour is orange.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

You are able to celebrate love and enjoy the festival of life this month. Out of your compassion you share your bliss, happiness and inner riches to add a special quality and intensity to your relationships and creativity. With your crystal wand or intuition, you see clearly what would be nutritious and rejuvenating in areas of health, finances, work and relationships. You bring material stability and physical well being for the family and yourself with discipline and understanding. You are practical and nurturing in chaotic situations where order and maintenance is needed. You are likely to transform your image with new styles and clothes. Beware of moods and over indulgence. Spending time in natural surroundings is therapeutic. Stay in touch with your sense of humour. You are able to resolve earthy and material issues. A vacation near the sea or a river is likely. Lucky number is 8. Good colours are forest greens.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

The healer in the Tarot deck brings physical balance and emotional stability in your life this month. Earthy matters and financial transactions can be completed with ease as you come to the end of the month. You recover from any illness or depletion of energy as healing and rejuvenating energy surrounds you. You may invest gainfully in land, home, property or wheels. You are patient and loving with children and family. Personal relationships are settled and fulfilling. You feel grounded, relaxed and ready to attempt difficult tasks or encounter tough people. Your experience and mastery in your field of activity is appreciated and challenged in new assignments. It's better to stay with old friends and business associates, as they are more reliable and dependable. You play the role of the father figure at home and at work, taking responsibility and care for a lot of people. Lucky number is 6. Good colours are wood browns.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Planet Mercury blesses you with the gift of communication on all levels of consciousness this month! You are physically active and indulge in sporty pastimes and busy schedules. You connect and communicate with interesting people and share new ideas and concepts that stimulate you intellectually. Business opportunities and proposals for expansion are on the cards! A trip is likely to materialize out of the blue! Emotionally you are open and receptive to friends and family. Love and romance in personal relationships inspire you. Children bring joy and come up with original ideas. You get centered and silent within to function with optimum energy outside. You are able to focus on priorities and give direction and perspective to new ventures and projects. You finally relax and feel at home wherever you are! You have a new attitude of acceptance that enhances love and friendship. Lucky number is 1. Good colour is midnight blue.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 23)

You are strong and dynamic and infuse great energy and action in professional and business matters. You make swift changes and decisions as you are in great haste to achieve goals and targets. However, beware of making quick judgments and impetuous moves. You are generous and giving in family situations. There is intensity and passion in personal relationships. You can say more than you mean to friends and take on more than you can handle in the work area, be aware! This is a good time to tackle difficult tasks that need your expertise, experience, time and energy as you understand and manage them well. Conserve energy and finances for important projects and priorities. Relaxed evenings with family and friends are rejuvenating. An older man can be prejudiced, selfish and bigoted, avoid dealing with him. Parents may need your assistance. Meditation brings rejuvenation all around. Lucky number is 14. Good colour is dark brown.

CAPRICORN (December 24 - January 20)

You can expect success in business and professional projects this month after a period of strife and struggle. You establish strength and authority at work and realize an important goal. You are noble and generous with associates, family and friends. You stand up for justice, fair play and rights and gain respect and admiration of people around you. You support people and causes with loyalty and zeal. You follow regular routines to remain healthy and centered. Parents, children and family are loving and caring. An established personal relationship flowers and grows as you find freedom and balance therein. You are in demand socially. Meditation and spiritual pursuit is nourishing. Beware of arrogance or conceit as an associate competes with you at work. Donít be afraid to use your authority and position of power. You may need to be more receptive and flexible to maintain partnerships and collaborations. Lucky number is 3. Good colour is orange.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

You are likely to juggle with three different activities, projects or situations simultaneously this month! Itís a busy and exciting time as new opportunities are available for you to express your creativity and potential. Itís best to divide and rule or delegate responsibility at work as you have too much on your hands and may find it hard to cope with it all alone. An associate has an eye on personal gain when he assists you in practical and financial aspects. A collaboration or partnership of three including yourself proves to be gainful and expansive at this point. A trip is on the cards. Personal relationships may develop in a triangular manner and it is best to look at your priorities before making any commitment or responding to an overture. Beware of a third person interfering in your personal relationship or romantic involvement. Yoga and meditation can do wonders for your well-being. Lucky number is 3. Good colour is strawberry pink.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Inception of a new business venture and partnership proves to be gainful and progressive this month. You are likely to make new beginnings in personal relationships with a positive and loving approach. You woo your partner till they succumb to your charms, and appreciate your new image, attitude and style. A new path to complete a difficult assignment opens up for you as you get assistance and counsel from an experienced person. A surprising turn of events may change your plans and intentions. You go through a series of changes and unexpected happenings that you can take in your stride. Redecorating home and workspaces can change ambiance and energy. An over view or broader perspective of life allows you to look deeper and have a new vision about personal and professional situations. You are more relaxed with a bit of leisure and time on your hands. Lucky number is 17. Good colour is white.


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