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The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future

Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Chapter 2

Letting Go of the Past

THE BASIC PROBLEMS dealt with by the same report, "Our Common Future" – food security, human population and resources, species and eco-systems, industry, pollution and urban problems – are really only a small part of the overall problem. The report ignores the real problems. It says that nations must work together, but it doesn't look at the roots:

Who is dividing the earth?

It says that economics and ecology are connected, but what about the vested interests of the past, religion and politics, which are the cause of national divisions?

By saying that we have to work now to save the future, the report implies that the present situation is created by the past. But we are still clinging to the past in every way.

If we are responsible for the future, who is responsible for us?

We are created by the past, and we are living in misery.

We haven't created these problems; they have been created by the past humanity. If we really want to find solutions for the future, we have to discover the roots of these problems in the past.

By pruning the leaves of the trees nothing is changed – you will have to cut the roots. And the moment you start at the roots, you will be in difficulty, because the politicians are in the roots, the organized religions are in the roots, all nations are in the roots – and the very basic unit of the society is marriage, from which all our problems basically stem.

If we can dissolve marriage, the society dissolves, and as a by-product, nations, races, politicians and priests disappear; that is why they all insist on marriage – they know it is the root, and that it is needed to keep man miserable and enslaved.

To have a different future from the one which will come on its own, we will have to disconnect ourselves from the past.

It seems man exists for all these kinds of things – democracy, socialism, fascism, communism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Mohammedanism.

The reality should be that everything exists for man; and if it goes against man, it should not exist at all.

The whole past of humanity is full of stupid ideologies for which people have been crusading, killing, murdering, burning living people. In the last three thousand years we have fought five thousand wars, as if life is all about fighting and not at all about being creative, not at all about enjoying the gifts of nature.

We have to drop all this insanity.

We cannot change anything in this world unless we cut these roots completely.

The most important need of humanity today is to be made aware that its past has betrayed it; that there is no point in continuing the past – it will be suicidal – and that a new humanity is absolutely and urgently needed.


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