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The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future

Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Chapter 4

Nations Are Out of Date

NATIONS HAVE BECOME out of date – but they go on existing and they are the greatest problem. Looking at the world with a bird's eye view, a strange feeling arises that we have everything – just we need one humanity.

For example, in Ethiopia people were dying – one thousand people per day – and in Europe they were drowning billions of dollars worth of food in the ocean.

Anybody looking from the outside will think humanity is insane. Thousands of people are dying and mountains of butter and other foodstuff is being drowned in the ocean. But Ethiopia is not the concern of the Western world. Their concern is to save their economies and their status quo. And to protect their economic structures, they are willing to destroy food which could have saved the lives of thousands of people.

Problems are worldwide – solutions have also to be worldwide.

And my understanding is absolutely clear, that there are things somewhere where they are not needed, and somewhere else the very life depends on them. A world government means looking at the whole situation of this globe and shifting things where they are needed.

It is one humanity. And once we think of one world, then there is only one economy.

The last time America drowned its foodstuff, just the expense of drowning it was millions of dollars. That is not the cost of the product, but just of carrying it to the ocean and drowning it. And America itself has thirty million people who can't afford enough to eat. It is not a question of giving to somebody else, it is a question of giving to its own people.

But the problem becomes complicated, because if you start giving free food to thirty million people, then others will start asking, "Why should we pay for our food?" Then the prices of things will go down. With the prices going down the farmers will not be interested in producing any more. What is the point? Afraid of disturbing the economy, they let thirty million people starve on the streets, and go on drowning the superfluous production in the ocean.

Not only that, thirty million people in America are suffering from overeating. Science is perfectly capable of helping them, it is very simple – perhaps the overeater simply needs a small brain surgery and the overeating will disappear.

Thirty million people are dying from diseases caused by overeating, thirty million people are dying with no food – sixty million people can be immediately saved with a small understanding.

But a bird's eye view is needed to look at the whole world as one unit.

Our problems have brought us to a situation where we will have to transform man, his old traditions, his conditionings – because those conditionings, and those educational systems and religions that man has followed up to now have contributed to this crisis.

This global suicide is the ultimate outcome of all our cultures, all our philosophies, all our religions.

They have all contributed to it in strange ways – because nobody ever thought of the whole. Everybody was looking at a small piece, not bothering about the whole.

And the most dangerous thing is that this preparation for our suicide, by all the nations, is in the name of war and victory – all childish and stupid. You can see it in the way nations respect a piece of cloth as their flag and if it is removed their whole glory and freedom is lost – you cannot insult the national flag. This is the situation of human retardedness.

It is a simple fact that the earth is undivided.

What is the need of so many nations, except that it fulfills so many people's ego trips? There is no other need. Why should Germany be afraid of immigrants and give incentives to Germans to produce more children, when the earth is dying from overpopulation? If there was one world government the population could shift from one place to another place. Whenever the population starts decreasing it could be replaced by the increasing populations from other nations.

If there is only one world government, no division of nations, and the freedom of movement without any need of passports and visas and all other kinds of idiotic conditions, then problems can easily be solved.


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