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Osho Dhyan Mandir

Just thinkone rose flower creates a certain fragrance around it, but then five thousand rose bushes and thousands of rose flowers will create a tremendous fragrance, a field full of rose energy.
If you even pass through that field without doing anything, your clothes may catch the fragrance, your hair may catch the fragrance. When you have passed through the field, you will be surprised that you are full of rose fragrance, it is all around you.
Exactly the same is the situation of the flower of meditation. It is subtler, but more powerful. Five thousand people functioning meditatively create a certain energy field. I call it the buddhafield, the field of awakening.

From Bondage to Freedom

Osho Dhyan Mandir, Oshodham

About 30 miles south of Delhi, Oshodham has blossomed on the outskirts of Delhi offering a clean, green, aesthetic and peaceful environment for those on the inner journey. In tune with nature, a beautiful space has been created for group and individual meditations both indoors and outdoors. The cherubic sound of gurgling water bodies and fountains with the chirping of birds help the meditators to go deep on the path of awareness through meditation. Today, meditators from all over India and abroad converge here to meditate and celebrate. Over 150 people can be accommodated to take part in three-day or three weeks meditation camps and groups. Oshodham is open all round the year for meditations.

“A commune is an immensely spiritual phenomenon.
You are with people and yet you are alone.
Nobody trespasses on your aloneness.
Everybody respects your aloneness. You are with many people, you are together, but nobody tries to impose any condition, any relationship, any bondage. Nobody takes from you any promise for tomorrow, because tomorrow you will be different, the other will be different. Who knows about tomorrow? When tomorrow comes we will see.
The commune has no tomorrow, it lives here and now.”

From Ignorance to Innocence, Chapter #22


I must be the first enlightened person who is using therapeutic groups as a help to meditation, for the simple reason that in the past man was so simple there was no need for him to pass through therapies first. He was healthy in a way, saner in a way, authentic, truer, sincere and honest.

Modern man is cunning, very cunning, and very repressed, so much so that he himself is not aware what he has repressed in his being. And modern man is very clever, he is not simple. He is so clever that he can go on deceiving even himself. By deceiving others continuously he has become skillful in deceiving. The skill has become so ingrained that now no conscious, deliberate effort is needed for him to be cunning. He can simply be cunning without any effort on his own.

This changed situation demands new methods, new approaches, new windows, so new that your mind is at a loss what to do. If your mind knows what to do, the device cannot be of any help. The mind, when it is unable to find a way out, is at a loss -- that is the great, precious moment when something of the beyond can happen.

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol-7, Chapter-6

Active Meditations:

All of Osho's active meditations involve a beginning stage of activity -- sometimes intense and physical -- followed by a period of silence. All are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditator through the different stages. Osho has also recommended different meditations for different times of the day. Follow the links below for details.


Meditative Therapies

The Osho approach to therapy is that it can never be the ultimate solution to human problems, but it can be used as a tool to help prepare the ground for meditation. Based on this understanding he has created a series of "meditative therapies" that give participants the opportunity to dissolve the tensions and repressions that keep them from being able to sit silently and observe the mind that creates problems in the first place.

Uniquely simple and effective, these methods involve a minimum of interaction among the participants, but the energy of the group helps each individual go more deeply into his or her own process. No "therapist" is required, but only a facilitator who has gone through the process and has been trained in conducting it.

1. The Mystic Rose
2. Born Again
3. No-Mind

112 Tantra Meditations

Osho has spoken on the 112 methods of meditation given by Shiva to his consort, Devi. VIGYANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA contains the complete series of discourses given by Osho on all these meditation techniques, and his responses to questions raised by seekers about the meditations.


How to reach Oshodham

44, Jhatikra Road, Pandwala Khurd, Near Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043
Tel. : 011-25319026, 25319027 • E-mail : [email protected]
Mob.: +919971992227,+919717490340
For more information contact
Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre
C-5/44, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi - 110016 • Tel: 011-26862898, 26964533

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